Monday, December 26, 2011

A Beautiful Christmas Day 2011

Yesterday was a really wonderful day! We spent time with my husbands family in the afternoon and the morning and evening were our own to share.

I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the day as far as gifts go and then I will be back to share more as today my Mum, Step dad, uncle and friend are arriving for yet another dinner!

This is our pug The Butcher, I just love this time of the year as we lay all our animal beds under the tree among the presents and they love to sleep there. They look like little angels all nestled under the magic of Christmas!
This year my tree was all done in mercury glass vintage ornaments! I was lucky enough to have inherited these from my MIL this year and of course now wish to begin a collection of these fabulous ornaments! So this is only the beginning!

This year I requested handmade gifts... if you have ever been a part of this you will know that this is not an easy request! I made most of my gifts for my family and will post images of those gifts soon but this was what they made for us... MATCHING OUTFITS for us and our babies! Hahahha ... so fabulous.
This is my J with The Butcher and they both have a new black scarf! And J has a hat to match too!

Jonesy and I got matching leg warmers! Hahahaha We love them!

That is sooooo cute!

Then MIL who insists how untalented she is on a continual basis, created this matching set for Jonesy and I! WOW! He got a full jacket with fur and I got the matching hood and mittens! Oh my goodness, we are just the image of fashion! I think he is simply adorable in this outfit and simply cannot wait to take him out for a walk!
Jonesy is my IG and so NEEDS coats at this time of the year especially! Now all we need is a sleigh! 

Be back soon with more images of our Christmas! 
Love and Kisses from us to you
Happy Boxing Day! Time to go prepare the pineapple squares, roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddin'!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to all...

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas or if you and your family celebrate another Holiday, Happy _________________ (You fill in the blank)!

Thank You for another wonderful year with the Seraphim Bears!

May you and your families enjoy a safe and joyful holiday season!


Big Bear Hugs
Michele Seraphim and the Seraphim Bears

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teddy Bear Affair Calendars available now!

Hello Everyone:

I have 7 Teddy Bear Affair calendars left for 2012. They are $10 Canadian each and all of that money will go directly to the Children's Aid Foundation! I will not make a penny on this... it's all for the children.

I was able to sell 8 today in our wine store and I have 7 left. I thought I would offer them to you, my collectors and bear friends. There will be a small shipping charge but I will get the best rate possible. The calendar is 8.5" x 11" per page and has nice size boxes for each day so you can write your events in. The Calendar is sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada and beside each picture of the monthly bear there is a thank you message letting you know how your money has helped and will continue to help!

If you would like to see the bears that will be in the calendar visit this link and you will see all the bears that were created this year to raise money for this foundation! Seraphim Bears Anne Shirley bear is on the month of September and there are 11 other fabulous bears created by artists: Sue Burgan, Lydia Massarelli, Sharon Edwards, Dianne Blencoe, Lesley Mallett, Shane Elliot and Steven Clark, Betty Dunford, Vesna Sheffer, Andrea Marcucci, Gail Hancock, Susan Conacher. The calendar is beautifully made and the theme for this years calendar is Canada!

Children's Aid Foundation 2012 Bears!

If you are interested please contact me via email and I will send you an invoice for the calendar so you can pay securely with Paypal or you can simply send me a cheque written out to "Children's Aid Foundation".

The calendars only arrived today and I don't want the children to miss out and as Christmas is almost upon us... I must offer them in as many places as possible and quickly! Thank you for your support of this fabulous charity!

Have a very Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas at Montrose Inn

Today we enjoyed an afternoon tea at our local Montrose Inn

I thought you might enjoy seeing this lovely manor! We were very fortunate today and were the only guests so we had the tea room and the rest of the manor to ourselves... what a very special treat that was!

The woman who runs and owns the house, Diane, just so happens to LOVE bears and this is one of the highlights of my visits! She has received several ... actually ALL as gifts from her cherished guests! They line the staircase and can be found here and there throughout the home!

Hoping your holiday preparations are going well and that you are able to take a little time for yourself to sit back and enjoy the magic of Christmas!

Montorse Inn ~ Belleville Ontario Canada

A beautiful welcome...

Diane and the bears...

The bears of the stairs... heeeheee thats a rhym

The receiving room...

R and L enjoying a cup of hot cider...

Me taking a cider break to get you some wonderful shots of the Christmas experience...

L and R sitting at the dining table awaiting the glorious tea...

A bear while we wait...

More of the tea room...

Diane explains each sandwich... Yummy!

Delicious! And so beautifully presented too...

More Montrose bears...
I must apologize... right here there should be a photo of fresh baked lemon scones with jam and clotted cream... but there simply was no time to take a photo! No sooner were they placed on the table and all three of us were licking our lips with only crumbs left on our plates before I remembered to pick up the camera... they were melt in your mouth fabulous!

Then came the sweets.... oh my!

The tea room tree...

Tea room mantle...

Receiving room mantle...

Library mantle...
Receiving room tree...

Tree on the stairs...

Another Montrose bear...

Beautiful glasses to dress the table...

Crystal lights to guide the way...

The Honeymoon suite bed... WOW!

And just one of the hundreds of lovely tea sets... this one is a family heirloom!

Thank you L for an absolutely wonderful afternoon and I hope you all enjoyed your tour of the Montrose Inn
Click above to see even more about this stunning inn.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Teddy Bear Toss

I just have to share this with you for those of you who may never have seen this it is quite and event and it is done all over the place! We even do one here in our little town!

All the bears are donated to children in need!

I grew up in Calgary Alberta and as you can see... they both love their hockey and their bears!

Just look at how many bears are on that ice!

Here are some other shots of this event in different cities!

This last one is my favourite ... just listen to the excitement in the commentators voices! Awesome! And if you stick it out and watch the entire thing you will hear just HOW awesome it really is!