Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet ~ Penny Whistle

In my traditional style bears this is my latest made out of alpaca and 20" tall. His belly is filled with copper pennies and his Victorian Ribbonwork boutineer is also handmade by me.

TOBY Industry's Choice Winner - Toodle Pip

I hope you were all able to join in the fun with my card announcement!

I wanted to share a picture of the my winning bear for the TOBY Industry's Choice awards:

I would like you to meet Toodle Pip

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seraphim Bears has wonderful NEWS!!!

Seraphim Bears has something very special to share with you...


What's the NEWS at Seraphim Bears

THANK YOU so very much!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teddy Bear'sTea Party with Teddies Worldwide

I am thrilled to announce that Seraphim Bears will be participating in the Teddies Worldwide "Teddy Bears Tea Part" this March!

There will be 100 artist participating in the show and with such a fabulous theme it is bound to be the best show yet!

Seraphim Bears will be participating this time in a NEW category! I will be in the miniature category so look for me there! Don't worry, I'll remind you when it's getting closer to the time!

Oh oh... I heard a few groans among those many cheers. For all those of you who have been asking me when I will do my mini bears again... this is for you!

FOR ALL THOSE OF YOU WHO collect my full size bears... they will be in the show too... you just need to look for me in the miniature section of the show. And also note that there will be more mini bears than full sized bears this time around!

I have reworked my mini bears to reflect the new Melancholy style as well as the original minis in the traditional style so this will be a fabulous show for all of you who have been patiently waiting for the mini to return.

And there may even be a rabbit ... it is a tea party so one never knows!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part of this show... just as much as Alice going to Wonderland!

Now... lots of work to be done before now and show day!

Big Bear Hugs from me and the bears

Mark the date on your calendar and I will see you all there!

MARCH 23 - 25 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit to The Olde Cheese Factory

A few days ago we went for a drive to a nearby town that happens to have this really cool shop...

It's called the Olde Cheese Factory which is a bit misleading as although they have a few, and I do mean a few, cheeses from other local cheese shops the store is not what you might expect from it's name! It is a fascinating shop with tons of unique gifts and prim items! I honestly could have spent another hour there but we did have a schedule to keep.

I went because I had received a gift basket from my real estate agent when we sold our house and in that basket were these really sweet mini square plates but only 4 of them. I liked them enough to use them as dessert plates and so hoped to get a few more. She was nice enough to let me know where she gets her baskets made! I was lucky enough to find 4 more at this visit!

I'll have to show you the plates another post but here is the shop... I just had to share it with you as I was so surprised to see this was not your average Olde Cheese Factory!

Don't ya just wanna get into these pictures and shop around a bit yourself? I wish I could do that for you but this is the next best thing!

A Garden For Anytime

Now that Christmas is over and people have received their gifts I can begin to show you the things that I was able to make this year! It is soooo hard not sharing this stuff with you as it is being done but I couldn't take the risk that someone might see their gift ahead of time!

This is a table runner I designed and made for my MIL. She loves hot pink and Kaffe Fassett is the fabulous designer of the fabric I used. His fabrics are so beautifully designed that it is generally not necessary to do much in the way of piecing your quilt. Nice easy squares, in this case I used a charm pack, go together beautifully without too much time! This table runner could easily be made in a day. It is also reversible although it seems I forgot to take a picture of the back! I will try to do that in the future! The side you are seeing here also has Swarovski crystals... you know how I love those as they are often found somewhere on a bear or on the clothing of a bear. The binding was a little tricky with all those twists and turns but as long as you do your binding on the bais it will stretch and you just need to pin and take your time!

I named this runner: "A Garden for Anytime"

 And here is a photo of this awesome designer... one of my absolute favorites!