Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Garden For Anytime

Now that Christmas is over and people have received their gifts I can begin to show you the things that I was able to make this year! It is soooo hard not sharing this stuff with you as it is being done but I couldn't take the risk that someone might see their gift ahead of time!

This is a table runner I designed and made for my MIL. She loves hot pink and Kaffe Fassett is the fabulous designer of the fabric I used. His fabrics are so beautifully designed that it is generally not necessary to do much in the way of piecing your quilt. Nice easy squares, in this case I used a charm pack, go together beautifully without too much time! This table runner could easily be made in a day. It is also reversible although it seems I forgot to take a picture of the back! I will try to do that in the future! The side you are seeing here also has Swarovski crystals... you know how I love those as they are often found somewhere on a bear or on the clothing of a bear. The binding was a little tricky with all those twists and turns but as long as you do your binding on the bais it will stretch and you just need to pin and take your time!

I named this runner: "A Garden for Anytime"

 And here is a photo of this awesome designer... one of my absolute favorites!


  1. What a beautiful table runner. I don't normally care for pink but this combination of fabric might just change my mind. I'm sure your MIL loves it.

  2. Yes, he makes incredible fabric that often changes the mind of many who are not fans of certain colours or even large patterns. I am glad you like it!