Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's almost time for the Online Bear show

Hello Everyone:

Well, it is almost time for the Teddies Worldwide online bear show! I am participating in this show again this year and I have FIVE very special bears to offer you this year.

In the beginning of my bear making I based my bears on some sketches that my husband created for me based on my descriptions to him of what I was hoping to create. I made them for a short while and then started to create a more traditional style of bear which ended up winning me the TOBY and URSA. But I felt a longing for my Melancholy bears.

With a few more years experience under my belt I finally felt ready to address the issues I had with the original bears... ie. they would not sit on their own and were leaners. I had wanted to fix this issue in the beginning but was not sure how to do so without changing the image of the bear I had in my mind. So now, with much more experience of bear making I was able to redesign this pattern.

I am so very happy with them and so excited to share them with you... but of course I cannot until the show.... RULES, don't ya just hate em. Anyway... I am happy to announce that the design is now flawless and the bears are adorable! They sit on their own and their little feet are wonderfully cute as are their faces. Their clothes are handmade by me with my signature hand dyed material and I just cannot wait to share them with you!

I will have 3 in the new design, 1 traditional and 1 Kitty cat in the new design also... FIVE new Seraphim Bears will be up for adoption at the show. Please come and visit as there are 75 artist participating so this is a great opportunity to see a lot of talent in one spot without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

The last day of the show I will also be participating in the Teddy Bears On Vacation show in Toronto Ontario so if you can make it to that we can say Merry Christmas in person!

The link to the online bear show is on my side bar at the top and looks like this so bookmark it and put it on your calendar! It is an event not to be missed!

Have a great night and I will be back soon with the gallery sneak peak image of one of the bears that will be ready for adoption in this show!

See you soon!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Charity Bear

I just wanted you to meet Mildred. She was given to a local Charity called Cougars for Cancer that will be raising money this year to help find a cure for lung cancer!

I absolutely enjoyed making her. Her hat is handmade by me out of grain bag material, which is my signature material for outfitting my bears of late. All the flowers have been handmade by me out of ribbon. Her wee dress has also been created with a grain bag base with added flapper style tassels.  Mildred's nose is hand embroidered and waxed and her eyes are green buzzard style glass eyes! She is a really pretty bear and I hope she brings a bit of sunshine to who ever adopts her... as well as making some well needed money for a very good cause!

Thank you for accepting Mildred for your charity bear!