Thursday, June 23, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 31... last day

Today's Letter is:

I decided not to think of a word for today. It's the last day of TBIMMT and I am sure you are all as thankful as I am! It has been fun thinking of a word to live my day by for an entire month but I am looking forward to the freedom of just a normal undefined day.

It is almost time to make the draw for little FIZZER and I want to let you all know that although I am excited about this day, the winner may have a delay in my shipping this bear as we are in the middle of a mail strike. I don't want FIZZER to be lost in the mail so I will hold on to him here until I am sure that all have gotten back to normal. We have been on strike now for a week and the work order is not being issued until this Thursday!

I am feeling a bit better today. I rested quite a lot yesterday and got very little accomplished however I did get a pair of pants started for one of the little bears for this line up!

I plan to take some photos soon and maybe when I am ready I will start the alphabet again but do it all in photos instead of words... that would be far more visually stimulating!

My wrist and thumb are still sore! I am a bit concerned but much like an ankle injury it takes a LONG time for healing. I will continue to be careful and enjoy my walks along the waterfront with my family instead of these hard core bootcamp type workouts. Lets face it... this body is older now and I can only do what I can. I can however be health conscious and be comfortable in my skin. OWN what I am so to speak.... I have always found that extremely attractive in a person. That is my next goal. I am not giving up but I am looking at things in a different way!

Bears are coming along nicely!

Happy first day of summer!

Recently I purchased a gift for my cousin... her first sewing machine that is really her own. She had my very old one and had called to say it was making a loud bang sound and would not sew properly. She is off to college very shortly and will be studying to become a nurse! I was accepted into nursing but never ended up persuing that as a career. It cost less for me to purchase her a new portable machine that she could take with her on her trip than it would for us to have my old machine fixed. She is really into quilting currently and this machine although small and lightweight has a ton of fun stitch options too. Here is the first fun photo... it seems so long since I post a picture for you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 30 Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell

Today's Word:

Reflections of Yesterday...
If you don't know who Ryan Dunn is, he is one of the cast of Jackass...
If you don't know who that is either you might have seen Ryan recently on Minute to Win It raising money for his children's charity accompanied by his friend Steve-o.

Early Monday morning Ryan (age 34 as of last week) was out with friends, celebrating a deal they had just signed. He drove home... or at least he tried to. Unfortunately he did not make it home and neither did his friend, Zachary Hartwell (age 30) who was in the passenger seat of his Porsche. Toxicology tests are being done and to this point they think excessive speed may have been the cause of the accident however, at this time, no one knows for sure, he may have been intoxicated. The car crashed off the highway and caught on fire. Needless to say there are a lot of people in morning today and Seraphim Bears and all here would like to extend our condolences to the families and friends of Ryan and Zachary.

Roger Ebert made a silly post (silly... I am using this word to be kind). He posted his point of view far too quickly on his facebook and twitter accounts only to be bombarded with responses that were all rather unattractive. Maybe Roger should stick to movie critique and forgo adding his two bits where they are not asked for. His point of view was speculative as no one yet knows whether the men were intoxicated. It is possible but still... moments after the crushing news and all a man in his position can say is something which can be taken as hurtful. His words most obviously ring true... don't drink and drive but geesh... the way he said it was a bit cruel.

There are a ton of links if you would like to read more and I will not post photos of the crash here either... there are lots of links where you can view this if you wish to.

My wrist is still sore as is my thumb and I have picked up some sort of bug which is making me feel nauseous! I am home early from work and will now go to sit with my babies on the cough and maybe do some hand sewing if I can stomach it!

See you tomorrow... can you believe tomorrow is the final letter! Z!

I am trying the cutting out of all white food, no grains, and no sugar or added salt to see how I feel. I honestly don't know how I will do with this but it's worth a short term try. I'll let you know how it makes me feel.

There bears are really coming along nicely now! I took some photos yesterday but they are not downloaded yet into the computer so .... soon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 29 Big Kisses and Hugs

No workout yesterday... my hand is really sore and I am trying to take it easy.

I don't think I can do the no dairy things etc... so I have decided not to bother. There is too much to do right now with the show coming up quickly and the order for Silly Bears also! But I will be careful all the same!

I had a fabulous day of work yesterday out on our deck in the sunshine and worked on my bears! It was wonderful. I took breaks for my hand several times and did a bit of gardening and finally got my front of the house garden cleaned up.

I thought it was going to be a rainy day today but with a little wish yesterday the day is predicted to be as lovely as yesterday so I will soon be heading out to the deck again with my puppies! I have a few more bears to get together but I got 6 bears stuffed and finished! Whaaawhoooo! Now they all still need their final touched of outfits or bows etc but they are finally actual BEARS! This takes a real load off ... now I can see them and they are alive!

I will post a sneak peak photo soon but for now... it's all secret!

Have a very wonderful day and know that me and the bears are sending you kisses and hugs on this beautiful day.

Today letter is X:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 28 Happy Father's Day

For the last two days I have not done a workout! I have to be honest. My wrist and thumb are still really hurting. I plan to do a workout today but we shall see.

I am a bit discouraged with my weight loss or lack there of. I have also therefore been terrible the last two days with my eating regiment. I will start to write down all my food again as of tomorrow but today I plan to just go along and enjoy. It is Father's day and I made a really lovely breakfast for my J and set a nice table on the back deck for him to enjoy his breakfast in the morning sun! It was wonderful! He felt loved (his words).

So after speaking with our trainer friend, I have decided for the next 30 days to try a new eating plan... I hope. No dairy, grains, sugars etc... very strict and I am not big on these things that cut things our of your diet however I am already allergic to milk and all dairy products so I am use to the taste of soy, coconut and rice... I cannot have rice milk either on this 30 cleanse but you get the idea. I will try. I hope to also do this while tracking... should be interesting but hopefully it will help my metabolism to snap back to attention. I will start tomorrow!

Today's word is:

I wish that my hand would heal
I wish my J has a fabulous day filled with every moment he wants and enjoys
I wish my little girl in Uganda has a beautiful day today in the sun
I wish I get all my bears stuffed (I got 4 done already! They are sooooo sweet)
I wish that my decisions today are good ones
I wish that my Dad has a spectacular father's day... I have never really spent father's day with my dad? He has always told me it was his day to spend it with his dad and so he was never available for me and now that my grandfather is gone he spends it with his father in law. I suppose if we had children it wouldn't seem that strange that we did not see him anyway as we would be with our children too!
I wish you all a beautiful day also!

I will be back with more tomorrow!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 27

I definitely accomplished yesterdays word!

Fridays are insane at work and I am truly forced to be everywhere at once. I don't like Fridays much but what can you do... except try to fit in a bit of bearing here and there to calm the day. Those sweet faces help sooth a tired heart every time.

Today's Word:

I did not do a workout yesterday and I had a few treats too! Oh Oh! I promise I am not going to give up. I did feel a bit guilty but my wrists are sore as was my back and I only had a small treat not a lot. I spoke to our friend who is a trainer and he suggested that I increase my weights and lift heavier ones and decrease my cardio but over half. Muscle burns more fat than spending all that time sweating with cardio. Also drop a few days from the program and do 3 to 4 days a week instead of every day. He may be right cause I am feeling a bit burnt out for sure and my body is older now too so every day is a bit taxing on my joints. Anyway, we'll see how it goes... 53 more days till the show!

I got a nose done yesterday and stuffed a half a bear. I also realized yesterday that I have no steel shot left and we are currently having a mail strike! Hummmm? I will have to come up with some creative ideas if the gals at Uxbearies don't get back to me today. They are only a few hours away so I can drive to them but what a waste of a working day. Ah well... see, things get away from you when you overload your plate.

I am thinking of dropping the shows for awhile and focusing more with my online sales. I think that might be best for me as when you account for time, travel, gas, food etc I think that doing the bear shows, you really aren't even breaking even with expenses. This will be my last out of Country show for a long while and I might drop one local one as well and just do the Christmas show. I of course will stay on with Silly Bears as I love working with them but cutting down with the deadlines would be really helpful also. So that is the new plan which makes this up and coming show even more special! The next show after this will be in Toronto in November and then not again till November of the following year 2012. I will be focusing on online adoptions and am looking forward to the new schedule as I will have time to create new ideas and spend more time focusing on design and character for each bear.

Okay, but that is the future... for now I do have a deadline and things are coming but slowly. With my wrists so sore and the sprained thumb still healing stuffing is a real challenge. I am getting it done but slowly and carefully. Hopefully today at work I will get a few bears stuffed and sewn although it does have the potential to be busy today at work so we shall see. I may only have the two days of Sunday Monday to get some really serious work done but I'm ready either way.

Okeedokey... I am off to work and I hope you enjoy a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Todays words were:

 Tapioca is delicious! I only could find the pudding type but it was still great after so many years of not having any!

As for the Tender part of my day... well, I did try! I dropped a carboy right into my husbands gut while falling forward at the same time so there was some real force behind that fall too! Poor guy... I more like tenderized him.

I got the armature done on the gallery bear and I am about to attach some heads. I also did some paw pad painting today. We were semi busy but that is pretty good! Tomorrow is always ridiculously busy so there will be now extra time at work but maybe when I get home!

Today we decided it was time to fight back with our loud neighbours and so we brought our cheep getoblaster outside and cranked up the tunes! They were shocked! We were too but what can we do! Anyway, I think we made our point but only time will tell... they moved their noise inside and we turned off the music. I've never had to do anything like that before but geesh... I mean, you move into a nice area and just take over with your loud music and swearing at the top of your lungs on your deck (which overlooks our backyard)? I don't mind the kids... I kind of like that laughter of the children playing in the back pool but the adults hollering at them and swearing too! No! It was time to fight back. Today was PUNK ROCK... next time well try COUNTRY! Hahahaha Hopefully there will not be a next time.

Not sure about my workout today... sore wrists but I will try to get something in before bed for sure! I am really hoping I can start seeing some bears finished soon! It makes me a bit tense when things are all at that state of incomplete with the show so close now! Deep breath~ I know it will all come together!

Be back tomorrow with more on progress on all accounts!

Tomorrows Word:

Having or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 25 T

Very quickly...
I got almost everything done that I hoped to today
Gallery Bear: Eyes in, nose embroidered but not yet waxed, ears on, mouth completed, all shading completed and toes stuffed! I even got two other bears paw pads worked on.

Then I came home and did a workout with Tony Horton - weights finally. My wrist is still a bit sore on one side and my thumb on the other but I took it easy on those areas and busted out the squats! No excuses!

I am tired now and although I would like to keep working I think it best to go to bed earlier and get up earlier and work in the morning! I think things will be far more productive that way with a fresh mind and rested body!

We also walked a one hour walk along the waterfront trail with the puppies tonight. We have scheduled walks on every full moon this year on our calendar "A Year Of Love' so even though we go before the moon is visible it is still a fun night to go with the doggies! We did a little excited howling session with them before we left for the walk too... that was me getting in todays word :

Just I did it with the dogs! Ha that was fun too!

So tomorrows words are: (I decided to pick two for tomorrow)

easily crushed or bruised, fragile
easily chewed or cut
young and vulnerable
frail; delicate
sensitive to frost or severe cold; not hardy
Easily hurt; sensitive
Considerate and protective; solicitous
Characterized by or expressing gentle emotions; loving
Given to sympathy or sentimentality; soft ( a tender heart)
I love Tapioca and have not had it for years... Going to try to get some! Yum!

I hope to get some more work done on the gallery bear, armature, nose wax and jointed! It is a big order for tomorrow but I will try plus a workout with Tony level 3 - 4 cardio if possible!

See you then!

TBIMMT - Day 24 A Full Moon

Yesterdays Word:

Yesterday I was semi successful with my word! I did try to approach my day with a restful attitute! It worked and I did feel relaxed most of my day...
Until I had to meet up with Jillian! But she doesn't like it if you "phone in" your workout so this was to be anticipated.
I recently switched my workouts to evenings and I wish I could get back into mornings but it is hard to make that trasition with puppies who are barfing all night long. Our poor little Italian Greyhound was sick all night last night on and off.... maybe too many treats or could be grass but it lead to a long night for all! You would think my word for today would be SLEEP but I am going with something a little more playful.

Today's Word:

The bears are coming along nicely. I have finally got all the bears ready and entered into the URSA contest and just in time too! My gallery bear is coming along and I will hopefully get some time to work on them today at work! I was so exhausted after my workout yesterday that nothing got done but I did get the gallery bears head stuffed and trimmed yesterday at work so it was not all a washout!

So today I hope to get the nose embroidered, eyes in, ears on, and paw pads stuffed. We shall see if this happens. It all depends on how busy we are at work today. It is a full moon today so one never can tell what the day will hold! Hahaha It would be nice if I could get this bear jointed and armatured tonight also but...

Only 56 more days till the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational show!

Monday, June 13, 2011

TBIMMT Day 23 - Strange concert and a successful quest

Well, still not a single pound lost? Not sure what is going on? I keep sweatin and working out and nothing is happening. I do feel stronger and happier though so I will keep going but it all seems strange to me.

Today's word:

My quest day went extremely well. I got some fab photos of a friends hideaway that my J needs for his graphic work that he is doing for them. I also found some real treasures for the Pirate theme for this up and coming bear show! Got a few new hats and some other stuff that I will keep secret till the show!

Here are me and the T's babies as her and M babysat while J and I went to see Supertramp.

It was a very strange concert! I would not even know where to start to tell you all the weird things that happened! Even the equipment was acting up for the band, with big popping sounds and crew running on stage in the middle of songs with new organs and plugs... curtains randomly opening and closing and 2 minute movies randomly playing in the background. People jumping the fence and steeling seats while those seat holders were in the bathroom, and people were constantly leaving and coming back to their seats. I have never had to get up so many times to let people through... not to mention the outfits that people were wearing... and the hairdo's? It was the most bizarre experience! We had a fabulous time but in a totally unexpected way!

Here we are at the concert! It was super windy and getting J to not make a silly face in near impossible but this is a nice shot I think!

Tomorrows word is:

to make lax or loose
to make less severe or strict
to reduce in intensity
to relieve from tension or strain

Sunday, June 12, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 22

So today's word is:

Full of fun and high spirits; frolicsome or sportive
Humorous: jesting

It ended up raining all night last night but we still made a date night and headed for the local theatre. We saw Super 8 and it was good but nothing new in our opinion. A nice family movie with excellent acting and some nice effects. It was fun!

Note to self: If all the dogs in your entire neighbourhood start running... run with them!

We decided to have popcorn and pop and I even had a few chocolates out of one of the monstrous bags they now sell at the theatre. All yummy! Then we headed out for pizza and I had a slice. Also Yummy!

Before we left for our date night I did a 40 minute workout with Jillian and worked it cause I knew I was not going to be a good girl on our night out! I have to say there was still a little guilt with my choices but at least I did that workout first.

Now today we will be heading to Toronto to see Supertramp!

Of course Roger Hodgson is no longer with Supertramp but you get the wonderful idea of them in this video! I cannot find a video that does not skip with the new singer.

And the puppies will be going to Auntie T and Uncle M for a play day.
Our very wonderful neighbours will be watching our house until we get back tonight!

Tomorrows word is:

an act or an instance or seeking or pursuing something; a search
An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat

Now to decide on who to workout with today! I am leaning towards Tony as I have worked with Jillian 2 days in a row. My wrist still in not 100% so I am not lifting weights although I did unload another skid myself yesterday so that counts.

I will also be painting my bear paws and finishing my little bear and photographing her today before I leave so I better get to it!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... see you tomorrow night!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's being "Read"

I am currently listening to this book: Graveminder

I am reading: Bitten and Simple Retreats for a Woman's Soul

You can find my reading choices on my sidebar at any given time!

TBIMMT - Day 21 Opposite

I had a blog friend write me and suggest the word Opposite for today so I would have a better day than yesterday... the sun is shining even though they predicted rain so we are off to a good start. She also suggested the word OUTFIT as in, you deserve a new one... this was fabulous but I cannot get out to shop today as I have to work so I will be wearing the same outfit I wear everyday. But I will wear something special with it... like some nice earrings or a special necklace.

I don't know if I ever mentioned to you the gift I gave my husband this year for his birthday? He never really wants anything so it is difficult to purchase for him and then when I do think of things for him I often share my ideas with his parents leaving me less to choose from. But this year I thought of making him his own calendar that was a "Year of Love". I did not make him a calendar with family photos etc. What I did was purchased a nice inexpensive one and each month on at least 4 days there was already a planned event that we would do together.. I put cute little fancy stickers on the days with a small description of what we would be doing. Some are more elaborate than others and some are sweet and simple like on Father's Day it says " Daddy sleeps in - your day all day". So the things didn't have to be expensive they just needed to focus on love in some fashion.

Today is one of the calendar days! It is one of our faves actually... when we were courting we would to go to the drive in theatre and tonight we will attempt to do this again however as I mentioned there is rain in the forecast.If not the drive in due to weather we will go to the regular local theatre. If we get to the Mustang (drive in) we will be seeing the new X Men movie... if it is the theatre in town I am not really sure what is playing so we will play it by ear!

Then tomorrow is a really special date and a gift from my J to me. When I was a teenager and living in Calgary Alberta, Supertramp came to Vancouver on their last tour! I wanted to go with my friends so badly but my Mum said I was too young and so I was not allowed. She said the bands always say that they are not going to play anymore but they always do. Well, I guess she was right but it took them almost 20 years in my case so we are going to see them tomorrow night. Our puppies are going to spend the few hours with my girlfriend and her greyhounds (you saw pics of them in an earlier post) and they will have a play day. I am so excited to be going to this concert... it's been a long time coming and this time I will be going with my "boyfriend" and not a bunch of girls with their boyfriends... I had a good laugh at that when I thought about it. I was always the one without a boyfriend while my girlfriends all had... not this time! Hahahahaha

Okay so with today starting off much nicer than the way my day ended yesterday...
my word for today is:

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back later.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that yesterday I met up with Jillian Michaels again and did her Fat Burn workout. That girl is a killer and I still cannot complete all the exercises in the workout to the full requirements but I do my best. I am looking forward to a nice shower though but we won't get into that!

Today I hope to have some time to work on the bears and my hand it feeling a bit better after a good nights sleep! I went to bed super early.

Friday, June 10, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 20 not nice

Lets get right to the nitty gritty shall we...
My words for today were nice and natural
It was neither! And it is just getting worse as the night goes on
I am trying to create this day
But sometimes it is not meant to be!

Let forget about the fact that my wrist is killing me
and the order came in today that I unloaded myself.
Lets forget about the fact that I had a ton of wine to make
to get caught up on back orders and most of them were HUGE heavy
kits that also did a number on my wrist.
Or even lets forget about the fact that there seemed to just be something
in the air today at work!

Put all that aside and not a NATURAL desaster but close enough...
we are currently cleaning up the water in our basement that apparently
did not feel like staying in our water heater tank any longer and decided
to leave and flow all over.

I did get a workout in before I realized that crisis had hit so now I am also
good and sweaty with nice ICE COLD water to wash with as the water had to be turned off immediately!

Okay... I told you, I did try but this was just not going to happen today!
This was not a nice day.

However, I have my health and I have my loving family and I am even having a bit of a laugh and am grateful this is not worse than it is! So... nice! That's finding the positive in a bad situation right?

See you tomorrow with a word that starts with "O"! Like maybe OH NO!

TBIMMT - Day 19 Nice

I woke up this morning with this word on my mind

Pleasing and agreeable in nature
Having a pleasant or attractive appearance
Exhibiting courtesy and politeness
Of good character and reputation; respectable
Overdelicate or fastidious; fussy
Done with delicacy and skill

Also heard back from one friend and she suggested this word:

present in or produced by nature
Of relating to or concerning nature
Conforming to the usual or ordinary course of nature
Characterized by spontaneity and freedom from artificiality
Not altered, treated or disguised
Faithfully representing nature of life
Expected and accepted
Established by moral certainty or conviction

Have a Naturally NICE day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 19 Almost

It's 9:41 pm
You got me here...
My right hand is in pretty rough shape with lots of pain.
I cannot sew
I did not workout this morning because of the pain
But I could not write if I did not workout
so you got me her tonight
typing is hurting too but I had to say THANK YOU
I just finished my workout and simply fast forwarded past the power yoga
so I did not have to put pressure on my wrist
But I did the rest - I skipped strenght and lifting weights and did the
sweat routine again without the ab work
Now I am tired
I was tired before I started

My poor little bears are waiting for me and I cannot work!
I am stressed about that!

But for tonight...
I sleep!

PS. I don't know a word for tomorrow...please send suggestions if you're out there reading this. It has to begin with the letter "N"

Thank you again for your support!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 18

It was a day filled with love at least in my heart. We were slow at work today and so I was able to get some bear work done there which always brings love to my heart!

I got up early and did my workout on level 1 -2 today to get myself back into it without injury. I feel tired now but am working on my gallery bear for the Teddy Bear Artists Invitational while I watch/listen to some TV. She is going to be wonderful and I am so excited to finally be working on putting her together. I also waxed a number of noses this evening and will tomorrow start to do the painting and staining for the paw pads. Everything is still in a state of not complete but things are getting closer which makes me happy.

Tomorrows Word is:

The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects or forces by invoking the supernatural
The practice of using charms, spells or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature
the exercise of sleight of hand or conjuring for entertainment
A mysterious quality of enchantment

So that's it for now. Tomorrow I will do my strength workout and take it easy too. I sprained my thumb somehow so I have been wearing a tenser glove at work and even sometimes at home although I cannot sew with it on so I have to go slow and make no sudden movements! I really hope it feels better soon.

Have a great night and don't forget the draw for FIZZER will be really soon - July 1st - Canada Day! So if you haven't already and would like to enter just send me an email!

I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 17 I'm Back

I am back!

So I never actually got to put my DVD in the machine but I did stand there and do my workout from memory at my Mum's place while they went out for a party. I did opt to walk 20 minutes either way to and from the Train station to the ballet instead of taking a cab. We did walk again the next day for about 2 hours also along Ottawa street so I could hunt for fabrics and ribbons for my bears!

I did have some treats! I have to admit that I did but I made good choices. I had a mini blizzard one day but had a very healthy dinner with salad and salmon and some nice potatoes. My Mum and I did really well all in all and just for fun I weighed myself today and although I cannot remember the exact number it was about 1 pound less than when I last looked at the scale!

Tomorrow I will be back into the swing of things with my regular workout and I did track today. I also set up a agility course in the backyard for my pups and we did that for a while... all of us had sooooo much fun and we are all pooped.

However, there is no rest for me as I am behind in my goal dates. I did get some bear stuff done while I was away but not as much as I had hoped. I sprained my thumb and it is really giving me grief so I am trying to push ahead and do other things for the bears that do not irritate the thumb more. Lifting a ton of buckets today was not the best for it either but I have to get the job done. I wore a tenser glove today all day to help support it.

So ... I'm back in the saddle.

Tomorrows word is:

A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection


Unfortunately we were not permitted to take ANY photos at the ballet and they did not have a program with any photos either... Boooo! But I can tell you it was fab!

Okay, I'll be back with a new word and more news tomorrow and hopefully some kind of photos ... I know I have not posted an image in some time! Sorry! I will try to do better!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

TBIMMT Day 14 - Going away

Another difficult day but I got through the workout. My muscles feel fatigued.
It's okay, I will stay on course but I cannot promise that I won't complain about it from time to time.

Now, I am going to be away for a few days and planning for this has been interesting. I am going to visit my Mum so I have a very long drive first which use to entail snacking on the way... this will be a different trip and I plan to pack some fruit that is easy to eat while driving. And a sandwich just in case that still fits into my daily points. Planning ahead is a big part of staying on track.

I also think I have a travel book somewhere for my workout exercises and I hope to find that when I am off the computer to bring with me so I don't have to have the access to the DVD player. I can then workout while I am there also. I will pack my yoga mat and am bringing some staple foods also just so I will have access to things that will keep me on track. My Mum is also a Weight Watchers gal so she will understand if I decline something. It is just too early in the game for me to go astray even just a little. Too easy to falter and not go back and I have so little time I am working with too!

I will not have access to the computer or to my blog so I will not post for a few days but will fill you in when I return on how things went. I hope to report back that it all went well but one never can tell.

We are going to see the National Ballets version of Alice In Wonderland on Sunday afternoon which is the main reason for my trip down this time. I will also be visiting my Grandma and Aunts to drop off a package or two that I ordered for them online and then off to a girlfriends on the way home who lives closer to my Mum to drop off her wine that she brewed with us. It will be another whirl wind trip and I really hope to have time to do some bears cause that deadline is looming!

My word for today was:

I think I spent the day being grateful for many things. I actually ran through a large list of all the things I was grateful for consciously today as well! I was going to write them all down here for you to read but I have so much to do and it will take an hour to write it all down!

Tomorrows word is:

Agreement in feeling or opinion; accord
 A pleasing combination of elements in a whole
A collation of parallel passages, especially from the Gospels,with a commentary demonstrating their consonance and demonstrating and explaining their discrepancies

Saturday's Word is:

To affect, guide or arouse by divine influence 
To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion 
to draw in air by inhalation
To stimulate energies, ideas or reference 

Sunday's Word is:

feeling, causing or indicating joy

Monday's Word is:

Having or proceeding from a kindheart

Okay so you're all set and I am getting packed and must work on the bears! I will be back soon with hopefully some fabulous photos of the National Ballets Alice In Wonderland but for now here is a video...