Sunday, June 12, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 22

So today's word is:

Full of fun and high spirits; frolicsome or sportive
Humorous: jesting

It ended up raining all night last night but we still made a date night and headed for the local theatre. We saw Super 8 and it was good but nothing new in our opinion. A nice family movie with excellent acting and some nice effects. It was fun!

Note to self: If all the dogs in your entire neighbourhood start running... run with them!

We decided to have popcorn and pop and I even had a few chocolates out of one of the monstrous bags they now sell at the theatre. All yummy! Then we headed out for pizza and I had a slice. Also Yummy!

Before we left for our date night I did a 40 minute workout with Jillian and worked it cause I knew I was not going to be a good girl on our night out! I have to say there was still a little guilt with my choices but at least I did that workout first.

Now today we will be heading to Toronto to see Supertramp!

Of course Roger Hodgson is no longer with Supertramp but you get the wonderful idea of them in this video! I cannot find a video that does not skip with the new singer.

And the puppies will be going to Auntie T and Uncle M for a play day.
Our very wonderful neighbours will be watching our house until we get back tonight!

Tomorrows word is:

an act or an instance or seeking or pursuing something; a search
An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in order to perform a prescribed feat

Now to decide on who to workout with today! I am leaning towards Tony as I have worked with Jillian 2 days in a row. My wrist still in not 100% so I am not lifting weights although I did unload another skid myself yesterday so that counts.

I will also be painting my bear paws and finishing my little bear and photographing her today before I leave so I better get to it!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone... see you tomorrow night!

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