Saturday, June 18, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 27

I definitely accomplished yesterdays word!

Fridays are insane at work and I am truly forced to be everywhere at once. I don't like Fridays much but what can you do... except try to fit in a bit of bearing here and there to calm the day. Those sweet faces help sooth a tired heart every time.

Today's Word:

I did not do a workout yesterday and I had a few treats too! Oh Oh! I promise I am not going to give up. I did feel a bit guilty but my wrists are sore as was my back and I only had a small treat not a lot. I spoke to our friend who is a trainer and he suggested that I increase my weights and lift heavier ones and decrease my cardio but over half. Muscle burns more fat than spending all that time sweating with cardio. Also drop a few days from the program and do 3 to 4 days a week instead of every day. He may be right cause I am feeling a bit burnt out for sure and my body is older now too so every day is a bit taxing on my joints. Anyway, we'll see how it goes... 53 more days till the show!

I got a nose done yesterday and stuffed a half a bear. I also realized yesterday that I have no steel shot left and we are currently having a mail strike! Hummmm? I will have to come up with some creative ideas if the gals at Uxbearies don't get back to me today. They are only a few hours away so I can drive to them but what a waste of a working day. Ah well... see, things get away from you when you overload your plate.

I am thinking of dropping the shows for awhile and focusing more with my online sales. I think that might be best for me as when you account for time, travel, gas, food etc I think that doing the bear shows, you really aren't even breaking even with expenses. This will be my last out of Country show for a long while and I might drop one local one as well and just do the Christmas show. I of course will stay on with Silly Bears as I love working with them but cutting down with the deadlines would be really helpful also. So that is the new plan which makes this up and coming show even more special! The next show after this will be in Toronto in November and then not again till November of the following year 2012. I will be focusing on online adoptions and am looking forward to the new schedule as I will have time to create new ideas and spend more time focusing on design and character for each bear.

Okay, but that is the future... for now I do have a deadline and things are coming but slowly. With my wrists so sore and the sprained thumb still healing stuffing is a real challenge. I am getting it done but slowly and carefully. Hopefully today at work I will get a few bears stuffed and sewn although it does have the potential to be busy today at work so we shall see. I may only have the two days of Sunday Monday to get some really serious work done but I'm ready either way.

Okeedokey... I am off to work and I hope you enjoy a wonderful Saturday!

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