Friday, June 10, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 20 not nice

Lets get right to the nitty gritty shall we...
My words for today were nice and natural
It was neither! And it is just getting worse as the night goes on
I am trying to create this day
But sometimes it is not meant to be!

Let forget about the fact that my wrist is killing me
and the order came in today that I unloaded myself.
Lets forget about the fact that I had a ton of wine to make
to get caught up on back orders and most of them were HUGE heavy
kits that also did a number on my wrist.
Or even lets forget about the fact that there seemed to just be something
in the air today at work!

Put all that aside and not a NATURAL desaster but close enough...
we are currently cleaning up the water in our basement that apparently
did not feel like staying in our water heater tank any longer and decided
to leave and flow all over.

I did get a workout in before I realized that crisis had hit so now I am also
good and sweaty with nice ICE COLD water to wash with as the water had to be turned off immediately!

Okay... I told you, I did try but this was just not going to happen today!
This was not a nice day.

However, I have my health and I have my loving family and I am even having a bit of a laugh and am grateful this is not worse than it is! So... nice! That's finding the positive in a bad situation right?

See you tomorrow with a word that starts with "O"! Like maybe OH NO!

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  1. Oh bother! Well I do hope tomorrow is much better for you (((((HUGS)))))