Thursday, June 2, 2011

TBIMMT Day 14 - Going away

Another difficult day but I got through the workout. My muscles feel fatigued.
It's okay, I will stay on course but I cannot promise that I won't complain about it from time to time.

Now, I am going to be away for a few days and planning for this has been interesting. I am going to visit my Mum so I have a very long drive first which use to entail snacking on the way... this will be a different trip and I plan to pack some fruit that is easy to eat while driving. And a sandwich just in case that still fits into my daily points. Planning ahead is a big part of staying on track.

I also think I have a travel book somewhere for my workout exercises and I hope to find that when I am off the computer to bring with me so I don't have to have the access to the DVD player. I can then workout while I am there also. I will pack my yoga mat and am bringing some staple foods also just so I will have access to things that will keep me on track. My Mum is also a Weight Watchers gal so she will understand if I decline something. It is just too early in the game for me to go astray even just a little. Too easy to falter and not go back and I have so little time I am working with too!

I will not have access to the computer or to my blog so I will not post for a few days but will fill you in when I return on how things went. I hope to report back that it all went well but one never can tell.

We are going to see the National Ballets version of Alice In Wonderland on Sunday afternoon which is the main reason for my trip down this time. I will also be visiting my Grandma and Aunts to drop off a package or two that I ordered for them online and then off to a girlfriends on the way home who lives closer to my Mum to drop off her wine that she brewed with us. It will be another whirl wind trip and I really hope to have time to do some bears cause that deadline is looming!

My word for today was:

I think I spent the day being grateful for many things. I actually ran through a large list of all the things I was grateful for consciously today as well! I was going to write them all down here for you to read but I have so much to do and it will take an hour to write it all down!

Tomorrows word is:

Agreement in feeling or opinion; accord
 A pleasing combination of elements in a whole
A collation of parallel passages, especially from the Gospels,with a commentary demonstrating their consonance and demonstrating and explaining their discrepancies

Saturday's Word is:

To affect, guide or arouse by divine influence 
To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion 
to draw in air by inhalation
To stimulate energies, ideas or reference 

Sunday's Word is:

feeling, causing or indicating joy

Monday's Word is:

Having or proceeding from a kindheart

Okay so you're all set and I am getting packed and must work on the bears! I will be back soon with hopefully some fabulous photos of the National Ballets Alice In Wonderland but for now here is a video...


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