Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 24 A Full Moon

Yesterdays Word:

Yesterday I was semi successful with my word! I did try to approach my day with a restful attitute! It worked and I did feel relaxed most of my day...
Until I had to meet up with Jillian! But she doesn't like it if you "phone in" your workout so this was to be anticipated.
I recently switched my workouts to evenings and I wish I could get back into mornings but it is hard to make that trasition with puppies who are barfing all night long. Our poor little Italian Greyhound was sick all night last night on and off.... maybe too many treats or could be grass but it lead to a long night for all! You would think my word for today would be SLEEP but I am going with something a little more playful.

Today's Word:

The bears are coming along nicely. I have finally got all the bears ready and entered into the URSA contest and just in time too! My gallery bear is coming along and I will hopefully get some time to work on them today at work! I was so exhausted after my workout yesterday that nothing got done but I did get the gallery bears head stuffed and trimmed yesterday at work so it was not all a washout!

So today I hope to get the nose embroidered, eyes in, ears on, and paw pads stuffed. We shall see if this happens. It all depends on how busy we are at work today. It is a full moon today so one never can tell what the day will hold! Hahaha It would be nice if I could get this bear jointed and armatured tonight also but...

Only 56 more days till the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational show!

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