Monday, June 13, 2011

TBIMMT Day 23 - Strange concert and a successful quest

Well, still not a single pound lost? Not sure what is going on? I keep sweatin and working out and nothing is happening. I do feel stronger and happier though so I will keep going but it all seems strange to me.

Today's word:

My quest day went extremely well. I got some fab photos of a friends hideaway that my J needs for his graphic work that he is doing for them. I also found some real treasures for the Pirate theme for this up and coming bear show! Got a few new hats and some other stuff that I will keep secret till the show!

Here are me and the T's babies as her and M babysat while J and I went to see Supertramp.

It was a very strange concert! I would not even know where to start to tell you all the weird things that happened! Even the equipment was acting up for the band, with big popping sounds and crew running on stage in the middle of songs with new organs and plugs... curtains randomly opening and closing and 2 minute movies randomly playing in the background. People jumping the fence and steeling seats while those seat holders were in the bathroom, and people were constantly leaving and coming back to their seats. I have never had to get up so many times to let people through... not to mention the outfits that people were wearing... and the hairdo's? It was the most bizarre experience! We had a fabulous time but in a totally unexpected way!

Here we are at the concert! It was super windy and getting J to not make a silly face in near impossible but this is a nice shot I think!

Tomorrows word is:

to make lax or loose
to make less severe or strict
to reduce in intensity
to relieve from tension or strain


  1. Sweet photo of you and J, Michele! And as for losing weight, my hunch is that with all of those workouts you are gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. So you really are losing weight, the scale just doesn't "show" it yet


  2. Thanks for the encouragement Cheryl! It is always so nice to see a message from you! I'll keep at it and also working on the bears for the show as I am sure you are! 56 more days! Yikes! Hahahaha