Friday, October 18, 2013

It has begun! The Bear Hugs 4 U show has now begun as of noon today! Seraphim Bears has two bears left to offer you and one Huggy Baby who is a Halloween beauty!

Here is your link to join me and all the other very talented artists at this show...

Bear Hugs 4 U - OctoBEARfest

Hope to see you there!!!

Have a great show and a wonderful weekend everyone!

Cullen is looking for his new forever home... he is beautifully plump and offers a nice weighty hug. His little personality packs a big punch full of love!

Monday, October 14, 2013

This FRIDAY is the first bear show for Seraphim Bears this holiday season...

Holidays season starts for me in the Fall as I love Halloween!

This Friday I will be participating in the Bear Hugs 4 U online show. You can find your link here or in my sidebar.

 I will have 4 bears and one Huggy Baby to offer you this show and I am sooo excited to share them all with you!

Hope to see you there...

Here is your preview bear: Barrett