Monday, October 29, 2012

Last sneak peek before the bear shows begin!

Here is your last sneak peek before the first show begins. In just six short days from now I will be at the Toronto Bear show - Teddy Bears On Vacation! Her name is: Penny Lane. She is a 21 inch bear made of alpaca and heavily weighted with ... Canadian pennies!

Our pennies are being fazed out of currency so inside this bear is also a part of our history that is about to change. See you at the show!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

La vie en Rose - now Available

Hello Everyone: The Toronto bear show is just days away... it's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner.

I wanted to give you not only a sneak peek but an early opportunity to adopt a Seraphim Bear

So here she is: La vie en Rose

She is now available for adoption on Bear Pile. Or you can just email me though this blog. All comments are monitored so you can ask whatever you want and it is private.

I also offer layaway on my bears should you require this option and as of today shipping within Canada is $10 and USA is $15 on this bear and just $25 extra to the rest of the world. I will pay any remaining amount myself.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sneak Peek #2 - Teddy Bears On Vacation show 2012

Hello Everyone:

Here is your Sneak Peek #2 for the Teddy Bears On Vacation show in just two weeks time ... His name is: All Shook Up.... and he is waiting for you!

One more Sneak Peek to go before the show so check back in on Monday of next week! She is a real beauty so you won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seraphim Bears Raffle Bear - Tickets now available!

I promised another treat for you so here it is; 

Seraphim Bears is offering a first time ever Raffle Bear. Her name is "My Darlin Clementine" and she is 15" tall. She has wool felt paw pads with hand oil painted shaded detail. Her eyes are vintage boot buttons and she has a rough embroidered and waxed nose. She is nicely weighted for a substantial hug. She is wearing a removable vintage blue stripe dress and ribbons in her hair.

The other things you need to know about this bear:

I purchased this mohair online from a seller I did not know. The mohair is beautiful in colour however, it sheds.

I did not want to throw it away so decided I would make a beautiful bear and see how it turned out. She is gorgeous and simply steals your heart and is made with all the care and love that all my bears are created with. But she does shed and due to this is not up to the standard of what I require for my bears.

So I decided that I would raffle her so someone out there would have the opportunity to have a Seraphim Bear and I would be able to bring this mohair to life and make a bit of money to pay for my supplies.

So although this mohair bear does shed a little, she has absolutely been created using the very highest attention to detail as all Seraphim Bears are.

She will come with all the documentation that all Seraphim Bears come with and be packaged with the greatest of care should she need to be shipped to you.

This is an opportunity to adopt a 15" Seraphim Bear for a very reasonable price.

The Raffle tickets can be purchased by clicking the button below and choosing either one ticket for $5 or three tickets for $10. 

Use the drop down menu to choose your choice before you click the buy now button!

I will be making the draw here at a local show on December 1st with the video camera running so you can all see who the winner is and that this is all on the up and up.

The only other thing you need to know is this: It will be the responsibility of the winner to pay for shipping. I will  choose the best shipping rate possible but the bear must have a tracking number so we can be sure it reaches you. I will get the best shipping rate possible and will not make any money on the shipping.

So, in saying all of that, here is your opportunity to own a Seraphim Bear at a very very reasonable adoption price. You can click the button below and choose how many tickets you would like to order.

I will then take all your information and put your raffle tickets into the ballot box. This bear will be heading to three Christmas shows with me and the again, the draw will be done locally and announcement of the winner done at the last show, video taped so all can see the outcome.

If you are at the last show - Christmas at the Core, Belleville, Ontario you will be able to take your bear home with you with no shipping charges. If you cannot be present at the show I will contact you plus the post of the video will be made public within days of the draw on my blog!

Should this raffle cover more than my cost of the bear materials: I plan to choose one or more charities to donate the rest. I have never done a raffle bear before so I am not sure how this is going to go therefore we will have to wait to see what the outcome is, I will post results at the end so you will all know where the proceeds went!

Any questions please contact me at

Here is "My Darlin Clementine"

 Good luck everyone and thanks for considering this beautiful bear. She needs a good home and is absolutely adorable... even though she sheds a little!


My Darlin Clementine

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sneak Peak - Teddy Bears on Vacation show 2012

I think it is  time to begin sharing with you some of the bears that will be heading to the Toronto - Teddy Bears on Vacation show with me in just three weeks time. A nice little sneak peak that will include the video of the song they are named after! As most of you will remember but some of you may be new to Seraphim Bears blog; all of the 2012 bears were named after songs or two mini's singers for this years hug.

The first bear up is a big bear at 21 inches and really heavy. He is one of my new Chainmaille bears - created to represent a little boy playing knights in shining armor! A gorgeous charcoal (almost black) bear named The Duke of Earl! He comes with his wooden spoon (sword) and his tin oil funnel hat and vest are removable too. He has hand felted MS feature paws, black English glass eyes and a big grey embroidered and waxed nose. He even has felted grey freckles and a bit of grey felted under his eyes to help you find them in all that dark mysterious fur!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the Winner is....

Welcome to the finally of the 100 Bear Milestone Giveaway for Seraphim Bears...

You have all seen "If I Had A Boat" and his pony "Trigger" and today is the big day to see where this little guy is going to live.

First please let me say THANK YOU sooooooo much to all of you who participated in my polls and entered this contest. You made everything so fun and I also learned a lot from my polls too.

I am just home from work in the video below and got right to making the draw. I will be in touch with the winner but I won't write it here...

All you have to do is watch the video below to find out who the winner is!

Big Hugs to everyone and especially our winner who is going to be receiving this beautifully handsome little guy in just a short time! He is already really excited about his journey. He might not have to take a boat to get there but he might pretend he is. He is a dreamer and loves the idea of traveling to a far off land to meet his new Mom.

In just a few days I will have a very special opportunity for many of you also... You won't want to miss it!

Have a wonderful day everyone. Don't forget, in less than 3 weeks I will be at the Toronto Bear show "Teddy Bears on Vacation" and then the online "Teddies Worldwide" show too...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Almost Time

It's Almost time for the big draw for the 100 Bear Milestone giveaway! Just a few more days...

I wanted to update you on how this is going to work.

I have written all your names on a few pieces of paper and because I have so many from Russia and Ukraine I have decided to use RANDOM.ORG for the draw as I cannot write the names. So I have assigned all of you numbers. The numbers were assigned in order of when you entered the contest and posted my giveaway on your blogs or Facebook pages etc. So now I have three pieces of paper, with all your names and all your numbers. Funny there are 100 entries... how perfect!

So on October 15th you can come here and watch a video of me on the computer pushing the button to have RANDOM.ORG. We will announce the number and then you will see my husband or I finding the matching person to that number. You will see the paper with all the names and the matching number on the video so you will know there is no shenanigans going on. LOL

GOOD LUCK to you all and thank you so much for taking part in this very wonderful milestone for Seraphim Bears!

Once you know you are the winner we need to exchange information so please if you do not hear from me... it means I cannot find you for some reason so you get a hold of me then so I can get your mailing address and send you "If I Had A Boat".

Big Hugs and I'll see you here on October 15th for the big reveal!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Ready for the Draw

I have finally gotten all of your names written down and how many times you have entered my contest! WOW there are a lot of you! Thank you for entering into my Free Giveaway! So many from far away lands too, like Russia, The Ukraine and even Serbia! How exciting!

I wonder where "If I Had A Boat" will be living soon!

 I will now begin writing all the names onto paper so I can get ready for the draw! Big Hugs to all of

you who entered and GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Giveaway Bear is ready ~ Please meet ~ "If I Had A Boat"

Here is your Free Giveaway 100 Bear Milestone Celebration Bear. I hope you love him as much as we do here at Seraphim Bears.

Welcome ~ "If I Had A Boat". He is made of light blonde mohair on an orange honey backing. He has wool felt paws that have been hand shaded with oil paints, black glass eyes, embroidered and waxed nose. He is filled with polyfil, excelsior and mini steel shot.

"If I Had A Boat" comes with his riding pony with wooden handle that has been hand painted in blue and green. The pony is made of light blue viscose and stuffed with polyfil. Ribbons in green and blue are the finishing touches on "Trigger".

"If I Had A Boat" is 9" tall. A $220 retail value but he will be a free gift for one lucky winner.

I hope to have the draw done for you by the 15th of October, so mark your calendars and Good Luck to everyone. I thank you all for taking my polls and making this celebration extra special for me here at Seraphim Bears Studio.

"If I Had A Boat" is very much looking forward to meeting his new Mom or Dad.

I will have three more bears available in this style ready for the Holiday shows this season. One Boy, will be at the online show - Teddies Worldwide; One girl bear will be at the Toronto - Teddy Bears On Vacation show and one that is not completed will be available at one of my shows this season... not sure which and not sure if it will be a boy or a girl yet... a surprise!

If I Had A Boat and his pony Trigger