Monday, October 15, 2012

Sneak Peak - Teddy Bears on Vacation show 2012

I think it is  time to begin sharing with you some of the bears that will be heading to the Toronto - Teddy Bears on Vacation show with me in just three weeks time. A nice little sneak peak that will include the video of the song they are named after! As most of you will remember but some of you may be new to Seraphim Bears blog; all of the 2012 bears were named after songs or two mini's singers for this years hug.

The first bear up is a big bear at 21 inches and really heavy. He is one of my new Chainmaille bears - created to represent a little boy playing knights in shining armor! A gorgeous charcoal (almost black) bear named The Duke of Earl! He comes with his wooden spoon (sword) and his tin oil funnel hat and vest are removable too. He has hand felted MS feature paws, black English glass eyes and a big grey embroidered and waxed nose. He even has felted grey freckles and a bit of grey felted under his eyes to help you find them in all that dark mysterious fur!


  1. What a gorgeous guy, I love his chain mail. That must have taken you for ever.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! I just LOVE him!!! He's simply perfect!!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. How clever to make his chain mail from drink can ring pulls - love it! More importantly though, the Duke of Earl is very noble indeed, and looks determined to defend the honour of any fair maiden in peril. Lovely work, Michele.

  4. Hello Kayzy: When thinking through what a little boy would have available to him I thought pop tabs would be a great choice... plus I love to recylcel and save the earth whenever possible. The tabs have all been cleaned and dried and in this case done as a little boy would do and sewn to the osenburg vest. Other of my bears have pop tabs that are actually linked like chainmaille and others still real chainmaille with loops and not tabs! I am glad you like him.

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments! Lots more chainmaille and Victorian Ribbonwork coming your way for the shows!