Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fabulous weekend

Well hello everyone

Seraphim Bears would like to thank all my collectors who visited me this weekend at the Teddy Bears On Vacation show! It was great too see you all again! Many bears were adopted out in both this show and the online show making it a grand total adopted of SEVEN bears! Some are have gone home to new places, some are meeting other Seraphim Bears when they arrive home and all were happy to be wrapped in their receiving blankets and placed into their new Mum's arms... I did not have any Daddy buyers this time around. Then there are those bears that had to travel afar... they are carefully wrapped in their blankets and packaged for a long journey out of Canada. My bears are seeing lands that I have yet to see myself and I am always so excited to think of their adventures! Those bears have not yet arrived at their new homes but will soon be there to be greeted by loving arms!

All in all it was a very busy last month what with our move etc and we are of course still trying to unpack! Unfortunately also the buyer for our old home did not get their financing so we had another offer that was waiting in the wings but now we must begin all over again with inspections etc...

But lets continue on a positive note: Today I managed to unpack some more boxes and it was a bit slow today at work so I got some re-designing done of my mini bears. A new body to match the new line of Melancholy bears and some new legs and arms too! I am anxious to get one cut out and tested but I think this will be a great design! I had several requests for my miniatures at this past show and thought I better get to my reworking of my pattern so I would have those request filled for the next show!

I changed the design of my table this past show also... I like a wobble head on my bears and I find having them at table level or only slightly higher is a bit of a back ache for my collectors to try to see their sweet faces so I purchased some nice tower shelves and this seemed to work magnificently! We also won 2nd place for best costume and table combo ~ so thank you for all of you who voted for us!

Setting up time...

New table set up

My lovely neighbour Laurie Brady with friend Woo Bears

 and the fabulous table set up by Ingrid Norgaard Schmid

Be back really soon with more from Seraphim Bears Studio... and we actually have a real studio now~

Three bears are now available for adoption; Cherio on eBay, Nitty Whiskers on Bear Pile and Amelia on Bear Pile!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teddy Bear Affair

Some of you might remember me making a bear for the Teddy Bear Affair some time ago... you all took the time to guess who she was... Anne of Green Gables. Well the affair was November 5th and though I have not heard back as yet as to how the event went I can only imagine that great things were achieved for the Children's Aid Foundation.

I wanted to share with you a link  Teddy Bear Affair 2011 so you could see for yourselves All of the bears that were created for the show under the theme: Canada. There are 12 altogether and they were photographed to create a 2012 calendar also! The bears are all simply amazing and it was such an honour to be a part of this event!

"This year’s Teddy Bear Affair raised $1.5 million, due to the generosity of 1,100 guests and our sponsors. This money will go towards improving the quality of life of thousands of vulnerable Canadian youth."

Have a wonderful and creative day and don't forget to visit the TWO shows coming up this coming weekend: Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures show online and The Toronto Teddy Bears on Vacation!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Teddies Worldwide online bear show preview

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, Seraphim Bears Studio and all of us in it are in the midst of a big move to a new location! Our new home is lovely bit we are not moved in yet... although we have possession of the house now and we have been sleeping on the floor for four days... but broke down and moved the bed ourselves a night ago! Tomorrow is the big moving day! But needless to say... I have two bears shows coming up and the shows will not wait...

So, with only a few days to go... the PREVIEW and VOTING have begun for the Christmas Treasures hosted by Teddies Worldwide! I hope you will all take a minute to vote for your favourite bear! It is going to be a fabulous show with 75 international artist and lots of Christmas spirit!

Here is my preview of,  not only my bear for this enchanted show but it is also the release of the new style for Seraphim Bears! In the beginning I made a bear that I loved but it needed reworking and this is the outcome! I hope you love Toodle-Pip and I will be back to remind you of the show with any luck ... hopefully our computer will be up and running in the new location by then!