Friday, November 4, 2011

Teddies Worldwide online bear show preview

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, Seraphim Bears Studio and all of us in it are in the midst of a big move to a new location! Our new home is lovely bit we are not moved in yet... although we have possession of the house now and we have been sleeping on the floor for four days... but broke down and moved the bed ourselves a night ago! Tomorrow is the big moving day! But needless to say... I have two bears shows coming up and the shows will not wait...

So, with only a few days to go... the PREVIEW and VOTING have begun for the Christmas Treasures hosted by Teddies Worldwide! I hope you will all take a minute to vote for your favourite bear! It is going to be a fabulous show with 75 international artist and lots of Christmas spirit!

Here is my preview of,  not only my bear for this enchanted show but it is also the release of the new style for Seraphim Bears! In the beginning I made a bear that I loved but it needed reworking and this is the outcome! I hope you love Toodle-Pip and I will be back to remind you of the show with any luck ... hopefully our computer will be up and running in the new location by then!

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