Monday, December 8, 2014

Back to the Bears and a Merry Christmas to you all!

Hello Everyone:

 Well, It has definitely been some time since I was here... but I am back and making bears and a new design is on it's way! I am thrilled to let you all know that my bears will be available at the March Teddies Worldwide show in 2015 and I can't wait to share them with you!

 I will be on more often to update my blog and have some sales coming up soon of the bears you have grown to love.

Thank you for your patience over the past year as I was busy with family! I am happy to announce that my husband is now considered cancer free and no longer needs to have regular check ups... we are thrilled to share this news with you all at Christmas! What a gift to be told of this news just three weeks till the holidays! Looking forward to sharing with you and getting back to my blog and bears!

Merry Christmas to you all!

March 20-22, 2015 Teddy Bear Extravaganza online show and sale at

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A touched heart is blessed!

Surprisingly, and I know it will be hard to believe... lol, but on occasion I get asked why I continue to make bears, or just why I do in general...

Among many factors in reguards to this ... I received a beautiful email today from one of my collectors and wanted to share it with you...

This is why I make bears:

Hello Michele!!
I was so excited when I finally picked her up last night at the post office.  The package was so pretty.  You wrapped her especially nicely.  Loved the bear stickers, very detailed, and the leafy paper.  Very thoughtful touches.  She had stayed very quiet behind the pretty tissue paper -- but I don't know how.  (It was such a long wait.)  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't believe I am holding this incredibly heavy delicious bear!!  I love her so so much.  Really love her nose and her belly BUTTON and that it is a button and her round round belly.  Did I say that I love her weight; it is just the perfect heavy weight.  And her face is absolutely special.  I know she is mine to stay.  The Milne quote touches the heart.  Thank you.  And thank you for the lucky pennies and heart pocket  and tea and EVERYTHING wonderful about Cordelia and that came in the box -- because I surely missed something.
She is SO much more than I hoped for.
THank you Very, Very much!!
I have always admired your artistry.  Always thought I'd wait and buy a bear with clothes but she caught my eye.  Even like your new babies with the pursed lips and "funny" faces.  Please keep well and sharing what you do so well with the world.
Love and hugs,

Thank you so very much to Rose for her beautiful letter! It touches my heart and brings tears to my eye each and every time one of my bears is able to brighten someones day, warm their heart and bring joy to their home.

I am so very lucky to be able to do what I do and THANK YOU ALL for making it possible for me to follow in my grandmother's footsteps. I know she looks down and reads these letters also and is smilin from above!

This email made my day, my week, my year and years to come. I save them all! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Hello all


Okay so I am putting all this information out there for ALL CANADIAN bear artists or any artist for that matter. As you all know that Canadian bear show ended last year and I have been trying to get connected with a women in my area who has been hosting a doll and bear show for seven years... I have finally connected with her and will be helping her to run this show form now forward...

I want to get more bear artists to this show. It is a beautiful location in Belleville, Ontario. Applications are now being accepted for this June 1st. If you are interested in exhibiting please contact me asap. Table prices are extremely reasonable and I will email you the information.

Starting next year I will be beginning an online presence for this show as well as advertising in the bear magazines. My husband will be creating our graphic posters/ flyers and I will be asking for your help to spread the word!

If we hope to continue to have a Canadian presence in the bear world... this is a good start. Belleville is located in Prince Edward County area, wine country and beautiful scenery and very close to the US borders. We have gorgeous B&B locations for guests as well as comfortable hotels. We are right on walking trails and water routes ... there is so much to offer! It will be well worth the journey!

Please contact me if you are interested in getting a table this year or would like to be placed on a list for contacting for next year. If you are a collector and would like to be notified of this show in the future please send me your contact information via email.

I look forward to hearing back from you all!


So today I was contacted by a local lady who holds a doll and bear show each year here in my town. People drive in from all over to attend this show and although I connected with this lady a year ago but never heard from her... she lost my contact info and I did not have hers. Yesterday she was in our local Staples and someone who works there told her she should contact me. How fun!

So on June 1st I will be at the Belleville doll and bear show and am so thrilled to be a part of this event. With no Canadian bear show in existence any longer this is such and important show.

That is the good news, the bad news is that I don't have time to do the show and do my Rapid Fire shows from now until then so .... Rapid Fire shows are on hold for a short time.

After June 1st I will have another show online.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The show floor is now closed until next show...

The first Rapid-Fire show was a great success and I would like to thank the two ladies who were able to adopt two bears from this first show!

I will be sending out a newsletter in the next couple of weeks for the next show!

Only one wee bear did not yet find his new home so he has been listed on BearPile. He is a sweet 10" bear made of sandy coloured alpaca!

Herman on Bearpile

I will keep the Newsletters as the main place to announce bear information such as shows, awards etc and use this blog as a forum for that and more personal things. This way if you are not interested in that aspect you don't need to find my news in your mailbox... you can choose to come here,

and on that note... I was called yesterday from the doctors office and asked to please come in right away. Unfortunately they did not have space for me yesterday so I will be going in today to find out what's up. At least only had to wait a day and my appointment is this morning so ... I will let you all know when I know. It will have something to do with the recent blood work I had done. This is the fastest I have ever seen blood-work done as it was only Thursday of last week that I went in for that. Anyway... this is the reason for the delay on a date for the next show... I just need to find out where we are on the tests and then I can base the date on that!

Thank you all again for your continued support of Seraphim Bears! This is a fun new aspect of my bear journey and I look forward to the next Rapid-Fire two day online show with you! I am almost completed the next show bears ... I will try to send a sneak peak at some time soon...

Big Hugs and have a great day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

NEW V.I.P List - Sign up for my Newsletter

This weekend was the first of my Rapid-Fire two day online shows! It has been a great success and I have decided to continue these shows that will be available exclusively open to my VIP member list!

All you need to do to join in that list is to sign up for my Newsletter! It's that easy!

And what do you get for signing up?
  • You will be the first to know when Seraphim Bears has a new bear available through my two day Rapid-Fire online shows
  • You will have exclusive payment plans/ Layaway plans and choices of payment styles
  • You will be privileged to Free Giveaways held at Seraphim Bears
  • You will also receive special surprises in your packages when receiving an adopted bear! 
This weekend, at the first Rapid-Fire online show, Cordelia found her new forever home... Thank you so much!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bear show now open + Bear Pile

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the first Rapid-Fire, bear show for Seraphim Bears is now on! If you have signed up for my NEWSLETTER you will already know this and will have already received your VIP link to the show in advance. If you are not on the VIP list you will not have received the link and will not have access to the show!

What does having access to Seraphim Bears Rapid-Fire online shows get you:

  • You will be the first to see any new bear released
  • You will have access to adopt a bear before anyone who is not a VIP
  • You will have several buying options: BUY IT NOW, 2 or 3 payment layaway plans depending on the cost of the bear
  • You will have two days exclusive to VIP members to adopt these bears
  • Only NEW bears that have not been seen before will be featured in my Rapid-Fire shows
 Once the show closes at the end of the two days any remaining bears will slowly be released to Bear Pile and/or my ETSY shop where they can be adopted at a BUY IT NOW price only.

My new bear with open mouth and trapunto paw pads found his new forever home this morning! Thank you .... he will be travelling soon to Louisville, Kentucky!

I have just today reopened my Bear Pile shop and currently have one bear available: This little man has been with me a while as he was shown in one online show but did not find his home and I became attached to him... so he stayed with me for awhile longer... but he is ready not to find his new forever home.

Here is a link to his adoption:

Barnum - 6.5" mohair bear

Thanks everyone and the next show should be in two to three weeks! Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Show Cancellations!

Hi Everyone:

 If you are currently not signed up for my Newsletter ... Please take a minute to do so.

 As of now, I will not be going any online shows or in person shows until further notice.

I am having some issues with my heart and until I know more on what is going on I cannot make the commitment to the deadline requirements of the shows.

I am on the waiting list to see another cardiologist which may take months to actually get in to see him and then it may be surgery needed so until I know what is happening I have cancelled all shows.

I will however still continue the bears and will be posting them up for adoption on my sale page online. I will send out a Newsletter notice when a bear comes available for adoption and a link to my sale page so if you are interested in adoption of a Seraphim Bear .... please sign up for my Newsletter.

I am sorry to bring you this news and want you to know that I too am so sad to have to cancel all the shows... but I have to realize that I cannot control what is going to happen and don't want to put the shows in a spot if I don't make the deadlines!

I will have a bear soon for you as all the bears are already in the works for the shows so I have many coming ready to offer...

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Big Hugs