Saturday, April 26, 2014

A touched heart is blessed!

Surprisingly, and I know it will be hard to believe... lol, but on occasion I get asked why I continue to make bears, or just why I do in general...

Among many factors in reguards to this ... I received a beautiful email today from one of my collectors and wanted to share it with you...

This is why I make bears:

Hello Michele!!
I was so excited when I finally picked her up last night at the post office.  The package was so pretty.  You wrapped her especially nicely.  Loved the bear stickers, very detailed, and the leafy paper.  Very thoughtful touches.  She had stayed very quiet behind the pretty tissue paper -- but I don't know how.  (It was such a long wait.)  She is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't believe I am holding this incredibly heavy delicious bear!!  I love her so so much.  Really love her nose and her belly BUTTON and that it is a button and her round round belly.  Did I say that I love her weight; it is just the perfect heavy weight.  And her face is absolutely special.  I know she is mine to stay.  The Milne quote touches the heart.  Thank you.  And thank you for the lucky pennies and heart pocket  and tea and EVERYTHING wonderful about Cordelia and that came in the box -- because I surely missed something.
She is SO much more than I hoped for.
THank you Very, Very much!!
I have always admired your artistry.  Always thought I'd wait and buy a bear with clothes but she caught my eye.  Even like your new babies with the pursed lips and "funny" faces.  Please keep well and sharing what you do so well with the world.
Love and hugs,

Thank you so very much to Rose for her beautiful letter! It touches my heart and brings tears to my eye each and every time one of my bears is able to brighten someones day, warm their heart and bring joy to their home.

I am so very lucky to be able to do what I do and THANK YOU ALL for making it possible for me to follow in my grandmother's footsteps. I know she looks down and reads these letters also and is smilin from above!

This email made my day, my week, my year and years to come. I save them all! 


  1. It is so nice when your work is appreciated like that.

  2. What a lovely letter! And SOOOO well deserved!! I'm glad that your heart was warmed and touched by Rose, such a thoughtful collector. Your art is truly gorgeous!