Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bear show now open + Bear Pile

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the first Rapid-Fire, bear show for Seraphim Bears is now on! If you have signed up for my NEWSLETTER you will already know this and will have already received your VIP link to the show in advance. If you are not on the VIP list you will not have received the link and will not have access to the show!

What does having access to Seraphim Bears Rapid-Fire online shows get you:

  • You will be the first to see any new bear released
  • You will have access to adopt a bear before anyone who is not a VIP
  • You will have several buying options: BUY IT NOW, 2 or 3 payment layaway plans depending on the cost of the bear
  • You will have two days exclusive to VIP members to adopt these bears
  • Only NEW bears that have not been seen before will be featured in my Rapid-Fire shows
 Once the show closes at the end of the two days any remaining bears will slowly be released to Bear Pile and/or my ETSY shop where they can be adopted at a BUY IT NOW price only.

My new bear with open mouth and trapunto paw pads found his new forever home this morning! Thank you .... he will be travelling soon to Louisville, Kentucky!

I have just today reopened my Bear Pile shop and currently have one bear available: This little man has been with me a while as he was shown in one online show but did not find his home and I became attached to him... so he stayed with me for awhile longer... but he is ready not to find his new forever home.

Here is a link to his adoption:

Barnum - 6.5" mohair bear

Thanks everyone and the next show should be in two to three weeks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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