Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seraphim Bears Raffle Bear - Tickets now available!

I promised another treat for you so here it is; 

Seraphim Bears is offering a first time ever Raffle Bear. Her name is "My Darlin Clementine" and she is 15" tall. She has wool felt paw pads with hand oil painted shaded detail. Her eyes are vintage boot buttons and she has a rough embroidered and waxed nose. She is nicely weighted for a substantial hug. She is wearing a removable vintage blue stripe dress and ribbons in her hair.

The other things you need to know about this bear:

I purchased this mohair online from a seller I did not know. The mohair is beautiful in colour however, it sheds.

I did not want to throw it away so decided I would make a beautiful bear and see how it turned out. She is gorgeous and simply steals your heart and is made with all the care and love that all my bears are created with. But she does shed and due to this is not up to the standard of what I require for my bears.

So I decided that I would raffle her so someone out there would have the opportunity to have a Seraphim Bear and I would be able to bring this mohair to life and make a bit of money to pay for my supplies.

So although this mohair bear does shed a little, she has absolutely been created using the very highest attention to detail as all Seraphim Bears are.

She will come with all the documentation that all Seraphim Bears come with and be packaged with the greatest of care should she need to be shipped to you.

This is an opportunity to adopt a 15" Seraphim Bear for a very reasonable price.

The Raffle tickets can be purchased by clicking the button below and choosing either one ticket for $5 or three tickets for $10. 

Use the drop down menu to choose your choice before you click the buy now button!

I will be making the draw here at a local show on December 1st with the video camera running so you can all see who the winner is and that this is all on the up and up.

The only other thing you need to know is this: It will be the responsibility of the winner to pay for shipping. I will  choose the best shipping rate possible but the bear must have a tracking number so we can be sure it reaches you. I will get the best shipping rate possible and will not make any money on the shipping.

So, in saying all of that, here is your opportunity to own a Seraphim Bear at a very very reasonable adoption price. You can click the button below and choose how many tickets you would like to order.

I will then take all your information and put your raffle tickets into the ballot box. This bear will be heading to three Christmas shows with me and the again, the draw will be done locally and announcement of the winner done at the last show, video taped so all can see the outcome.

If you are at the last show - Christmas at the Core, Belleville, Ontario you will be able to take your bear home with you with no shipping charges. If you cannot be present at the show I will contact you plus the post of the video will be made public within days of the draw on my blog!

Should this raffle cover more than my cost of the bear materials: I plan to choose one or more charities to donate the rest. I have never done a raffle bear before so I am not sure how this is going to go therefore we will have to wait to see what the outcome is, I will post results at the end so you will all know where the proceeds went!

Any questions please contact me at

Here is "My Darlin Clementine"

 Good luck everyone and thanks for considering this beautiful bear. She needs a good home and is absolutely adorable... even though she sheds a little!


My Darlin Clementine