Thursday, June 23, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 31... last day

Today's Letter is:

I decided not to think of a word for today. It's the last day of TBIMMT and I am sure you are all as thankful as I am! It has been fun thinking of a word to live my day by for an entire month but I am looking forward to the freedom of just a normal undefined day.

It is almost time to make the draw for little FIZZER and I want to let you all know that although I am excited about this day, the winner may have a delay in my shipping this bear as we are in the middle of a mail strike. I don't want FIZZER to be lost in the mail so I will hold on to him here until I am sure that all have gotten back to normal. We have been on strike now for a week and the work order is not being issued until this Thursday!

I am feeling a bit better today. I rested quite a lot yesterday and got very little accomplished however I did get a pair of pants started for one of the little bears for this line up!

I plan to take some photos soon and maybe when I am ready I will start the alphabet again but do it all in photos instead of words... that would be far more visually stimulating!

My wrist and thumb are still sore! I am a bit concerned but much like an ankle injury it takes a LONG time for healing. I will continue to be careful and enjoy my walks along the waterfront with my family instead of these hard core bootcamp type workouts. Lets face it... this body is older now and I can only do what I can. I can however be health conscious and be comfortable in my skin. OWN what I am so to speak.... I have always found that extremely attractive in a person. That is my next goal. I am not giving up but I am looking at things in a different way!

Bears are coming along nicely!

Happy first day of summer!

Recently I purchased a gift for my cousin... her first sewing machine that is really her own. She had my very old one and had called to say it was making a loud bang sound and would not sew properly. She is off to college very shortly and will be studying to become a nurse! I was accepted into nursing but never ended up persuing that as a career. It cost less for me to purchase her a new portable machine that she could take with her on her trip than it would for us to have my old machine fixed. She is really into quilting currently and this machine although small and lightweight has a ton of fun stitch options too. Here is the first fun photo... it seems so long since I post a picture for you.

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