Sunday, June 19, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 28 Happy Father's Day

For the last two days I have not done a workout! I have to be honest. My wrist and thumb are still really hurting. I plan to do a workout today but we shall see.

I am a bit discouraged with my weight loss or lack there of. I have also therefore been terrible the last two days with my eating regiment. I will start to write down all my food again as of tomorrow but today I plan to just go along and enjoy. It is Father's day and I made a really lovely breakfast for my J and set a nice table on the back deck for him to enjoy his breakfast in the morning sun! It was wonderful! He felt loved (his words).

So after speaking with our trainer friend, I have decided for the next 30 days to try a new eating plan... I hope. No dairy, grains, sugars etc... very strict and I am not big on these things that cut things our of your diet however I am already allergic to milk and all dairy products so I am use to the taste of soy, coconut and rice... I cannot have rice milk either on this 30 cleanse but you get the idea. I will try. I hope to also do this while tracking... should be interesting but hopefully it will help my metabolism to snap back to attention. I will start tomorrow!

Today's word is:

I wish that my hand would heal
I wish my J has a fabulous day filled with every moment he wants and enjoys
I wish my little girl in Uganda has a beautiful day today in the sun
I wish I get all my bears stuffed (I got 4 done already! They are sooooo sweet)
I wish that my decisions today are good ones
I wish that my Dad has a spectacular father's day... I have never really spent father's day with my dad? He has always told me it was his day to spend it with his dad and so he was never available for me and now that my grandfather is gone he spends it with his father in law. I suppose if we had children it wouldn't seem that strange that we did not see him anyway as we would be with our children too!
I wish you all a beautiful day also!

I will be back with more tomorrow!

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