Saturday, June 11, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 21 Opposite

I had a blog friend write me and suggest the word Opposite for today so I would have a better day than yesterday... the sun is shining even though they predicted rain so we are off to a good start. She also suggested the word OUTFIT as in, you deserve a new one... this was fabulous but I cannot get out to shop today as I have to work so I will be wearing the same outfit I wear everyday. But I will wear something special with it... like some nice earrings or a special necklace.

I don't know if I ever mentioned to you the gift I gave my husband this year for his birthday? He never really wants anything so it is difficult to purchase for him and then when I do think of things for him I often share my ideas with his parents leaving me less to choose from. But this year I thought of making him his own calendar that was a "Year of Love". I did not make him a calendar with family photos etc. What I did was purchased a nice inexpensive one and each month on at least 4 days there was already a planned event that we would do together.. I put cute little fancy stickers on the days with a small description of what we would be doing. Some are more elaborate than others and some are sweet and simple like on Father's Day it says " Daddy sleeps in - your day all day". So the things didn't have to be expensive they just needed to focus on love in some fashion.

Today is one of the calendar days! It is one of our faves actually... when we were courting we would to go to the drive in theatre and tonight we will attempt to do this again however as I mentioned there is rain in the forecast.If not the drive in due to weather we will go to the regular local theatre. If we get to the Mustang (drive in) we will be seeing the new X Men movie... if it is the theatre in town I am not really sure what is playing so we will play it by ear!

Then tomorrow is a really special date and a gift from my J to me. When I was a teenager and living in Calgary Alberta, Supertramp came to Vancouver on their last tour! I wanted to go with my friends so badly but my Mum said I was too young and so I was not allowed. She said the bands always say that they are not going to play anymore but they always do. Well, I guess she was right but it took them almost 20 years in my case so we are going to see them tomorrow night. Our puppies are going to spend the few hours with my girlfriend and her greyhounds (you saw pics of them in an earlier post) and they will have a play day. I am so excited to be going to this concert... it's been a long time coming and this time I will be going with my "boyfriend" and not a bunch of girls with their boyfriends... I had a good laugh at that when I thought about it. I was always the one without a boyfriend while my girlfriends all had... not this time! Hahahahaha

Okay so with today starting off much nicer than the way my day ended yesterday...
my word for today is:

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back later.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that yesterday I met up with Jillian Michaels again and did her Fat Burn workout. That girl is a killer and I still cannot complete all the exercises in the workout to the full requirements but I do my best. I am looking forward to a nice shower though but we won't get into that!

Today I hope to have some time to work on the bears and my hand it feeling a bit better after a good nights sleep! I went to bed super early.


  1. Hope you have a fab day, and enjoy your date nights

  2. Thanks Katy! So far the rain is holding off so we're keeping our fingers crossed and the day has been good so far!