Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TBIMMT - Day 25 T

Very quickly...
I got almost everything done that I hoped to today
Gallery Bear: Eyes in, nose embroidered but not yet waxed, ears on, mouth completed, all shading completed and toes stuffed! I even got two other bears paw pads worked on.

Then I came home and did a workout with Tony Horton - weights finally. My wrist is still a bit sore on one side and my thumb on the other but I took it easy on those areas and busted out the squats! No excuses!

I am tired now and although I would like to keep working I think it best to go to bed earlier and get up earlier and work in the morning! I think things will be far more productive that way with a fresh mind and rested body!

We also walked a one hour walk along the waterfront trail with the puppies tonight. We have scheduled walks on every full moon this year on our calendar "A Year Of Love' so even though we go before the moon is visible it is still a fun night to go with the doggies! We did a little excited howling session with them before we left for the walk too... that was me getting in todays word :

Just I did it with the dogs! Ha that was fun too!

So tomorrows words are: (I decided to pick two for tomorrow)

easily crushed or bruised, fragile
easily chewed or cut
young and vulnerable
frail; delicate
sensitive to frost or severe cold; not hardy
Easily hurt; sensitive
Considerate and protective; solicitous
Characterized by or expressing gentle emotions; loving
Given to sympathy or sentimentality; soft ( a tender heart)
I love Tapioca and have not had it for years... Going to try to get some! Yum!

I hope to get some more work done on the gallery bear, armature, nose wax and jointed! It is a big order for tomorrow but I will try plus a workout with Tony level 3 - 4 cardio if possible!

See you then!

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