Friday, July 1, 2011

Fizzer Is Going HOME

Hello Everyone:

First I would like to say HAPPY CANADA DAY to you all! Today is a very special day indeed! It is the day we draw for the winner of the Seraphim Bears Free Giveaway contest!

If you all remember ... you had this image to look at and you had to tell me who you thought I was creating.

You were given clues, you knew it was a girl and you knew it was a famous Canadian! This bear was being created for the Children's Aid Foundation Teddy Bear Affair to be held this year.

If you left me a comment you got one entry into the contest
If you put my giveaway on your blog you got another entry into the giveaway
And if you guessed the correct answer for who I was making you got another entry into the giveaway.

Many of you got 3 entries! Congratulations on knowing your Canadians!

If you guessed ANNE SHIRLEY of Green Gables you were CORRECT!

Here is the finished image of Anne and she has now been mailed to the Children's Aid Foundation coordinator for this event! She was 18" tall and is fully armatured with lock nuts and cotter pins. Her carpet bag has a zipper and real leather straps all handmade by me. She really turned out lovely. I am not a big costumer so this bear was a challenge But I made every stitch of her clothing including her pantaloons myself. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

And what would you win if your name was chosen out of the glass teddy jar... A miniature Seraphim Bear named Fizzer!

It has been a long time and you have all been anticipating this moment! It is the first Seraphim bear giveaway that I am doing on this blog. Fizzer is a mini Seraphim Bear and comes with all the little special surprises that all Seraphim Bears do.

I will not be mailing Fizzer out immediately although he is really anxious to meet his new parent. With the Canadian mail carriers just recently back to work there is still a back log for them to get caught up on so I don't want him to go missing in the shuffle. I will inform the winner once he has been shipped... he is all ready to go so it won't be too long now!

I got out my good luck quilt (the first quilt I ever full of magic)
I got out the old Kraft Peanut Butter glass jar in the shape of Mama Bear and I began adding the names of all the entries for this giveaway...
Look how full Mama got! Thank you ALL for you participation in this giveaway, you have really made us (me and the bears) here at Seraphim Bears feel loved!

Then I mixed them up really good!
Can you see your name in the jar... there are so many!

Without further ado...

Drum-roll please...

Did you notice that the quilt is quilted with the design of Canadian Maple Leaves... perfect for our Canada Day Draw!

The Winner is...

CONGRATULATIONS TO LINDA!!!!!!!!! Looks like Mr. Bungle now has a playmate!

Thank you all again so much for your participation in the first Seraphim Bears Blog Bear Giveaway... Wow that is a mouthful!

Linda please contact me with your mailing address by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you!

The bears for Scotland are completed.
The bears for the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational show are almost all completed... they need to be photographed.
The gallery bear only needs to be costumed which I am now working on but she is all together, full armature, she can stand on her own and is made of the most gorgeous mohair I have ever purchased! I cannot wait for you to see her!

Have a very happy Canada Day and I will see you back here really soon!


  1. Anne is so beautiful in her dress. She looks so good dressed. How nice that she will be doing so much good in her travels.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner. And -- I am glad that my guess was correct! :)