Monday, July 18, 2011

(I Want to) Come Home

Recently my grandmother and aunt decided to sell their home.
It is the only "Home" I have really known as we moved a lot
when I was a child. This was a house that I lived in many times
throughout my life and will always be my home in my mind.

Sadly the house was in disrepair and needed to be torn down and
so the contractor who purchase it did just that. Now there will be
two houses crammed together on the one lot... a sign of the times.

Fortunately I was lucky enough to enjoy every moment of my Grandmother's
home. I was even married on the front lawn while she watched from her
window. I was also given the kitchen window out of her house that she used to
feed the birds from for so very many years... I have a plan to use it
and it will hang in every kitchen I ever have from now on. The amount
of times her hand touched the little turn knob of that window... ahhh

My grandmother who made bears lived just across the road... her house was
sold a few years back when she passed away and we were lucky in that a
nice family purchased the home and kept it. So when we return to the neighbourhood
that my Mum met my Dad in and grew up in, her home is still there... but
the other house was truly my FOREVER home. I actually live in a house that
is very similar now, with it's creaking floor boards and small rooms... I
am very found of my little house because it reminds me of HOME.

Before my grandmother left her house we were lucky enough to dig up some
of the plants that had been there for many years and I got a Rose of Sharon for the
backyard here... It is doing beautifully and just about ready to bloom!

But today... I miss the home I cannot return to... so I will post this and close my eyes and open my heart to remember running there as a child, dancing to ABBA on the front lawn when I was a teenager and sleeping in my basement room as a young women.

My Heaven will have that house waiting for me ... nothing fancy but filled with all that I love!

The window from where she watched me get married (above)

The Kitchen window from which she fed the birds ~ it was the only thing I asked for from this house and many many years before we knew that it would one day be sold and demolished!

The back yard!

The aftermath:

Paul understood.... this is one of my favourite songs and definitely my fave McCartney song...

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  1. Oh that must have been hard to watch! I would have been sweet talking the guy on the bulldozer to let me grab that little window;) Could be rustic decor in the garden, a piece of history growing up from the ground. And the glass blocks around the door, maybe the front door itself ha! They would have to take me away LOL "Halt the bulldozer, I see something I need to grab!"