Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit to The Olde Cheese Factory

A few days ago we went for a drive to a nearby town that happens to have this really cool shop...

It's called the Olde Cheese Factory which is a bit misleading as although they have a few, and I do mean a few, cheeses from other local cheese shops the store is not what you might expect from it's name! It is a fascinating shop with tons of unique gifts and prim items! I honestly could have spent another hour there but we did have a schedule to keep.

I went because I had received a gift basket from my real estate agent when we sold our house and in that basket were these really sweet mini square plates but only 4 of them. I liked them enough to use them as dessert plates and so hoped to get a few more. She was nice enough to let me know where she gets her baskets made! I was lucky enough to find 4 more at this visit!

I'll have to show you the plates another post but here is the shop... I just had to share it with you as I was so surprised to see this was not your average Olde Cheese Factory!

Don't ya just wanna get into these pictures and shop around a bit yourself? I wish I could do that for you but this is the next best thing!

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