Friday, June 22, 2012

Advice from a Singer Sewing Manual

Hello everyone: Just had to share this with you. A very dear friend of mine and fellow artist sent this to me this morning... It is actually out of a Singer Manual... someone wrote this... HAHAHA. Love it! Hope you enjoy it too!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Roses are in bloom...

Here are how my roses are doing... Actually these shots were taken about two weeks ago so I will take some more when it stops raining for you all to see how lovely they are already!

The White Dawn roses are just beginning to bloom so I will get some photos for you all soon. But here are the double poppies just outside by fence... I hope to get some seeds today for next year!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Notice of some importance


Hello Everyone: I wanted to check in and let you all know that I am still here.

My new medication makes it difficult form me to do anything quickly which is good but also difficult and causes me some moments of depressions. I am trying to adjust.

Because of this I have left my stockist stores in the USA and UK. I will now simply be working to make bears for you through me.

In the recent change I have also made a wonderful discovery... I no longer have themes and deadlines to contend with and this has opened all my doors and windows to allow the beautiful spring air in which has been inspiring. In this I have begun creating an entirely new design and style and am completely in love with these bears. To date I have designed three new designs all of the same style: A bear, A bunny and an Ellie. The first three are almost complete... two bunnies and one ellie and two bears are in the making. I am also designing a style of outfits for them that I think you will embrace as I have. My decision to change my style was also important to reflect this new change of leaving the stores to go on my own. It will mark a time and it was my way of honoring the stores that had me in as their guests for the short time I was there.

It was not until I began working on my own that I realized how restricting my working for my stores was. I am not saying that doing so is not a good idea but I think I was offered this position too soon in my bear making career. I had not yet settled on a style and was still experimenting on where I wanted to go in my style. It has only been since 2009 that I have been making bears so if I compare that to how long I have been doing hair, I am still new.

The positive of me being slowed down by my medication and heart issues is that a lot of things were brought to the forefront of my mind. I realized where I wanted to be in my art and I have the time, as I am forced to take my time, to go slowly and focus on character again and the style that is in my heart. Of course I also feel that my health has effected the desire to create a style that reflects where I am in my life right now. I feel that I have landed on a style that I enjoy and will be making as my style of bear for quite a while.

I will try to have some photos soon but I can say that I do have three entries in the up and coming URSA awards... and I will be planning on entering into the online Teddies Worldwide Christmas show, two local shows and one Toronto show this year. Due to my restrictions currently I am trying to build up my stock a bit before I release anything so please bear with me for just a bit longer!

I will be able to post more frequently for you and post available bear for you here, on bear pile and etsy.

Big Hugs and thank you so much for sticking with me these past few years and months!

Things are about to change for the better and get really fun here at Seraphim Bears!