Tuesday, February 2, 2010

only 2 days left

Hello everyone:

I want to just send out a little hello and tell you all the I am the feature artist on "Bears and Buds" online magazine this month. Click Here to read the article!

I hope you enjoy the article and just as a side note: there is only just over 1 day left on the Bear For Haiti adoption on ebay and 100% will go to Haiti... I will even pay the shipping cost within Canada and the US and I will pay Half for International shipping!Click here to visit the adoption!


  1. What a nice article. You lead an interesting and busy life making beer and wine.
    Wonderful pictures of both you and the bears.
    I too started as a hair stylist. It is true that the skills learned there transfer over to bear making.

  2. Hi Joanne, Thanks for the nice words. I thought they did a nice job of the article also. Yes the skills we have learned in past experiences often surface again to help us along. For me there have been a few, as a sculptor/ makeup artist for film and a hairdresser and even my dental assisting. Hope you have a wonderful week. I will have another bear up in a couple of days, I'm just waiting for the Haiti bear adoption to finish first. A new pattern and new style.

    Ta ta for now