Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello Everyone:

(Practical Magic Blog Party Post is Below and I have a FREE GIVEAWAY not drawn till OCTOBER 31st so join in the fun!)

First let me welcome all my new followers! You have all joined my blog at a very exciting time; there is so much going on here at Seraphim Bears, I am bursting at the seams to tell you all everything but I must hold back for a few more days... not too long though.

I will tell you this: It is my plan that for the entire month of October I will be posting an October/ Halloween related post on every day... so that means 31 days of Halloween will be here at Seraphim Bears Blog for you to enjoy. I have a lot of fun stuff in store for you, some bear related and some just plain old Halloween related and all things that I love and that are a part of my life!

The URSA award results are soon to be announced through Bears and Buds Magazine and I am the artist this month to do a special BEAR GIVEAWAY SWEEPSTAKES through that magazine. His name is "Carl" and I will write more about him tomorrow... I will say this... he's a really nice old man! If you liked the Movie UP you're gonna love him!

Okay, Okay... I have to run off now to get prepared for tomorrows post and the first post of the October Halloween blog posts that are about to start. I think I will be able to include something fun for everyone throughout this months posts but you have to check in daily cause theres a lot to share!

See you all tomorrow ... Have a fabulous last night of September!

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