Thursday, February 24, 2011

Artist Profile and Sneak Peek

I just wanted to give you all the link to the latest Artist Profile on Me and the Seraphim Bears. It was written in both German and English so this link is to the English version only.

TeddyBear News Seraphim Bears Arist Profile

I started the felting on the second bear today and will get some more work done on the first one that will be a part of the Bears In Bloom show. The second is an all white bear and so far is as sweet as the first. I got a lot of great response from family and friends today when I showed them a sneak peek. I am itching to show you all so I will try to get the second done as quickly as I can but I must not compromise the bear so... patience my friends. Their little puffy cheeks and smile are so expressive and they have pretty felted noses. The hair is hand punched into the muzzles and they have no eyelids as I love the vintage boot buttons... that is just my thing. They are whimsical and still have that Seraphim Bear charm with that twinkle of magic in their eyes. Here are two of the  design sketches to entice you...

Be back soon...Have a wonderful and creative day!

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  1. Congratulations on the feature! You look so lovely holding one of your precious bears!