Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Melancholy Move

Some of you might know from my Facebook log ins that I am in the process of moving. We purchased a new house and now are in the process of trying to sell ours! Our offer for our new house was unconditional but we still don't want to end up carrying two mortgages. So things have been pretty hectic around her lately to say the least. We had a viewing before our house even went on the market two days ago and the house is officially up as of today and it seems the person who came through wants to come with their family to take another look through. So last night we continued to do more on this house for him! We painted the basement bathroom... a job I had wanted to do for a year and never got it done for me! Hahahaha and we also put up all the rest of the baseboards for the downstairs area too. Needless to say we are both tired and my hubby might be sick... oops, is sick, he just came in for his morning hug! Oh darn!

So with all this going on my bear making has been put on hold! I am hoping to get something done tonight and I did manage to get one cut out last night. I have three in the final stages and a new/old design is coming back! I am really excited to show you these new bears as they are reaching back to my very beginning when my husbands sketches were the inspiration! These are the Melancholy bears and they have a ton of character and personality! They make me smile every time I look at them and I hope they will do the same for you too!

I have several bears to get ready and I do have a few on the go but it is proving difficult lately what with packing and showings of the house etc. I have a few Christmas shows this year; one local, one online, and one in Toronto so I need to get movin on the bears but I am hopeful that it will all come together soon! Unfortunately I cannot show you the bears that I have so far as there is that big rule of no viewings until the show. But I can tell you that I am doing my best to give you something wonderful for Christmas!

I have to go and get the bathroom restaged before I run off to work as we painted only last night!

Big bear hugs and I will be back soon!

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  1. It is very exciting to move to a new house. I hope that all goes well and that your house sells quickly. The bears will be there waiting till you get a little more settled. That's the nice thing about doing what we do, they can't move on without us.