Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hypnotized by the snake

Hello everyone:

I am in a rut. It seems the last week has past and I cannot work on my bears. I seem to be stuck. I am not sure why? I went the entire week last week without doing a single thing on my bears? I tried, I even brought the supplies to work ever single day but just left everything sitting there in a corner, with no desire to create! We were busy at work, this is true, but each day I then had the thought that I would do some work on the bears when I arrived home. But as I arrived home that was the last thing I felt like doing so nothing was done.

This morning I awoke and began looking through all the photos of bears I have made... from beginning to end! There are now many and all different styles! Some artist really have a set style and I know that is desired but for me, having been in the business only a few years I have dabbled in a few styles with all different techniques! I now have a look I like in a few different styles... But I still have a few different styles. Is that the problem? Should there be one style that I focus on so when you see the bear you absolutely know it is a Seraphim? I wouldn't know how to give up my traditional style bears and how could I leave my Melancholy bears behind and mixing the two together... well that won't work. Or does it mean a completely new change lies ahead in the future?
I don't think so. I am just the type of artist who enjoys variety and I think I have now settled on two styles that can be identified each to themselves as Seraphim Bears. You can see by my writing just how confused I am at the moment.

I have begun belly dancing! I started with a few DVD's to see if I would like it... it is something I have always wanted to try and after such a long run with my undetected heart issues and now that I am feeling better I thought I better try it if I am ever going to do that! I really love it and so I also have now joined a class. Maybe it is just that my focus is on my new thing right now as I have never really danced before. Well not in a style other than my style so now I have all this excitement that is focused on this new area in my life. The moves, practicing and eating better, and the beautiful fabrics in the clothes! My head is swirling with things and ideas of what I could make to wear for my dancing! So maybe it is just that the chiffon and silks are clouding my mind with flowing fabrics and making it difficult for me to see the bears?

I feel a bit anxious to get started on them again but I also feel excited about my new search for my inner woman through the dance! I imagine that might be what is causing all this confusion... am I hypnotized by the snake arms and belly rolls?


  1. May be you need to make a belly dancing bear to get creative again.

  2. There are times I need to step away from the bears. For me the bears help pay bill though, so what I do is just work for a shorter time and put them away to work on something else that has my attention.

    Your bears may be different styles, but when I see one of your bears no matter what style it is I know you made it. To me that is what matters. Your styling comes through on all of their faces.

    Don't feel bad that you have left the bears behind for a little while. They will still be there when you are ready to come back. After you have all of your beautiful customs made and you have had enough of that kind of sewing, I bet you will be longing for the fur again.

  3. I thought of that Kay and that bear may surface yet.

    So fun for me to hear that you can tell my bears are Seraphim Bears Joanne. That is the nicest compliment and just what I needed to hear. I have had some more thought on this today and realize that it is also the stress of having to get certain numbers done for deadlines for the stores I supply to. I may have to rethink that aspect of my business a bit to get my mojo back! Thanks you for your words of inspiration! I am truly grateful for them and will have them here to help me along for the next little while!

  4. I completely agree with both Joanne and Kay. There are times where you just need to take a bit of a break. And I know that supplying to shops is a wonderful thing, but it can still work against your mojo sometimes. I'm in the same place as you right now. I need to get some bears done, but my head is filled with other things. It's not as fun as belly dancing, though. It is simply some "life-changing" ideas that I have been reading in a book--so I don't want to work, I want to read.

    As for different styles, a lot of artist have several ranges of bears--think of Joanne, for one, and Jenny Johnson. And there are loads more, too. But all of your bears have your signature look and, like Joanne, I can always sniff out a Seraphim Bear! It's written right on their sweet faces!

    Heaps of Hugs,