Friday, May 18, 2012

A few new bears

Here are a few new bears that I created of late. As of now I will be offering a lot more bears through Bear Pile, Ebay and Etsy for my collectors who for the past two years have been waiting very patiently for me and coming to the shows. I have only been able to supply to the stores which I am hoping to change now. I have two little bears that are still looking for forever homes so I will post one on Ebay this weekend! But for now here are a few for you to see that you have not seen as yet! Big Hugs

 Bearded Melancholy Bear - Pinkaboo

Bearded Melancholy Bear - Cuthbert Grant

Traditional Bear - Margaret Merril


  1. I really love the names you have given your new bears! They all look so beautiful; I especially like the way you did the paw pads and the freckles on Cuthbert Grant and pinkaboo!

  2. Thanks Heidi on all accounts. The paws are my signature design and as to the names: All the bears were named after varieties of roses this time around! Beautiful names and beautiful flowers too!

  3. PS. the freckles were hand felted into the felted muzzles.