Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top O The Mornin To Ya

Hello Everyone;

Just wanted to send you all a little greeting for St. Patrick's Day!

Hoping your Day is filled with full glasses, laughter and lots and lots of wonderful greens!

Tip: If you are using any food colouring today to make your delights green, a drop of yellow will brighten things up and a drop of blue will cool things down! 

So whether your day is Bright and cheerful or Deep and sultry we here at Seraphim Bears hope you have a wonderful day!

 Big Hugs


  1. Love this bear! And the color is gorgeous! I'm partial to green and this is a great color. Did you dye it?

  2. Happy St. Pats day to you as well Michelle. Looove your green bear and photography.

  3. Hi Tyler, this piece of mohair was hand dyed but not by me this time. It was dyed by Alison McKee. This bear was called Oz and was sold to Silly Bears. I too love green... Oz was very difficult to let go of... but I hear he has found a good home! Big Hugs!