Friday, May 10, 2013

Tai Rosie: Based on the novel ~ Water For Elephants

Hello Everyone:

It's been a while I know! I do apologize! My hubby had a cancer scare and it's been a whirl wind of a two month period! He was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and then had to have a second biopsy to hopefully remove any remaining cancer! After chest xrays and blood tests we finally received word yesterday that he is cancer free! A day of celebration as you can imagine! I just could not face my blog until today! In the words of Cindy Crawford "You can not multi task presence" and I needed to be there for him and me!

But today I have a very special piece to offer you: Her name is Tai Rosie and she is currently available for adoption on Bear Pile!

She is a hand dyed viscose ellie that is nicely aged and weighted with steel shot! She is 5 way jointed and stuffed with polyfil. She has a tail and a belly "button" as do all Seraphim Bears creations.

This little ellie is 8" tall and is currently in an art gallery in a local near by town. Her adoption fee will be split and a portion of the proceeds will go to the local library to help keep literature alive! This is why this piece was created based on a novel: Water For Elephants and you will also receive the novel with your adoption!

Tai Rosie will come with a handmade box, also created by me out of archival papers and images of roses! The top of the box is cork and is finished with a pretty crystal embellishment. You can read and see more on Bear Pile: Tai Rosie on Bear Pile

Here she is: Welcome Tai Rosie


  1. Oh, Michele! I'm SO relieved that your husband is now cancer free!! That must have been beyond frightening. I'll be continuing to hold you both in my heart.


  2. Thank you Cheryl! It was the scariest thing I think I have ever had to face and I am sure doubly so for him! Thank you for your kind words and friendship! We are so grateful to have the love and support of our friends! xo