Friday, December 6, 2013

Missed something fun...

Hi all:

 I just got notice this morning reminding me that I have also been accepted for another online show in the early spring... I just simply had to mention it as I forgot it in my last post (yesterday).

Just so you all know, and I don't forget again... lol, I will also be exhibiting in the Spring Bear Hugs 4 U show from March 7th to 9th. It seems crazy to be planning for these shows already when I am still thinking about Christmas of this year but... I am meticulous about my work and dislike being rushed so I have begun cutting one bear as of last night, sewing the first bear of 2014 will begin shortly and as you may have read in the last post... the new design of my open mouth, padded pawed bear is almost completed. I will finish the new pattern today... I hope!

So thrilled to be able to share this new news with you today about another show... I just cannot wait to see who comes to life in the new bears this year!

Any ideas on what to base the new bears names on this year? I have done Downton Abby this year and in past years I have done chocolate, candy, Fringe (TV show but only in part) and more... I love picking a theme so if you would like to see names from something you love send me a comment and I will take it under advisement! Thanks for your input!

I was thinking maybe Coronation Street this year but who knows... looking forward to your ideas!

Big Hugs and I will be back soon with news and pictures.

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