Saturday, June 13, 2009

So... I was recently asked to make a Victorian style bear for a friend whose sister in law is ill and in hospital. This was a real challenge for me as I wanted this bear to be sweet, happy and a traditional vintage bear based on a 1900's style body type and that as you may know is not like any bear I have made to this point; my bears are mostly kind of sad and worn, saggy and dopey. As it turns out after creating a few new pattern styles I created a baby bear in a 9" size that I was very pleased with. She was soft and sweet in the face and I even found a vintage lace bonnet that fit her perfectly. My buyer was very happy with her. So here she is ...
I would like you all to meet ~ Katie ~

And just a little heads up... A beautiful fun and playful COUPLE will be up on eBay on Sunday at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time. I will post a link here for you all when the time comes... but can I hint and say this... if you love Black and White... these two will be right up your alley!

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  1. Oh Michele.....Katie is splendid!!! What a sweet face and her bonnet IS perfect for her!! Your friend's friend will love her and I am sure will make her stay in the hospital way more pleasent:) ( if in fact a stay in the hospital can be pleasent) lol
    BTW, thank you so much for the nice letter this morning:) It gave me a smile with my coffee this morning:)
    I am a big fan of Scott's work and I have Elibeth's book All things that creep!!! wicked inspiration for sure!! LOL my dogs remind you of her work...LOL I can see that!! haha
    Thanks again for the links, it is always good to be reminded of amazing artists and I had forgotten about Madametalbots work so thanks for her link too:)

    Have a wonderful weekend and nice to chat with you:)

    Oh I can't wait to check out you bears on (fe)ebay:) I do love Black and WHite!!