Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, Tai and Chai have now been adopted, Katie was a huge hit and I now have a lot of work ahead of me. I am working on some new patterns and am almost finished giving Amadeus a face lift! I have to say that I am very very happy with the results and look forward to sharing him with you here in the near future.

It is also that time again to start getting ready for the Christmas shows... doesn't that sound crazy? But when all things are one of a kind and all things have only two hands making them, the time does go by very quickly! I have some new items that will be sold at the shows that are all eco friendly just like my gourmet room sprays that I have been creating for many years now. The sprays were a huge hit at last years show and I look forward to bringing those along again.

We had a big Fathers Day BBQ yesterday and that went well but we are very sleepy today... not as young as we use to be. Looks like we are about to venture into a wonderful second day of summer so hope you all have a fabulous day.

For those that are new to my site and don't know, my ELVIS quilt will soon be leaving to be hung at Graceland and I will be meeting it shortly after with my Mother in Law (friend). I just completed our quilted ELVIS shopping bags and will soon post some images of that but my camera went on the fritz. My Husband bought me a new one (sweetheart) but I cannot figure out how to load the images into the computer... another task for tonight!

Anyway, gotta run... lots of designing to do and may I say thank you again to all my collectors for embracing me into this wonderful world of bears. I am so blessed to be able to share my art with you!

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