Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It must seem that I have neglected this blog but in actuality I have great plans that are taking time to put into play. First I have created a new hang tag for my bears that will soon be ready and I am holding off on the release of any further bears until the completion of the new tags. I am so happy with how they have turned out that I cannot wait to share them with you all.

Second I have three new bears that are all in midst of completion and plan to begin another tonight or tomorrow. I like to have several stages in process as then I can work at any time anywhere no matter what I feel like doing or where I happen to be. There is new look to my bears and I am thrilled with them and again, cannot wait to share them with you.

Then I hope to implement a difference in my blog. I hope to share some of my favourite techniques, places to purchase materials, stories as well as some of my fave recipies. I hope to begin these changes in short order. For instance, I have a birthday cake to make this weekend so I hope to take some photos and post the most delicious carrot cake recipie of all times! The cream cheese icing is well worth making extra of for sure! Yummmmmy!

I also joined CURVES gym recently so I have been spending more time there than at the computer. That has been an adjustment but I am feeling great and working hard and hope to encourage anyone out there so take the leap. I have been with many gyms over the years but I am really enjoying this one in particular. It is time to get in shape and get focused cause the next thing you know it will be Christmas and you all know what that means!

I am heading to Memphis on August 13th and will be in Graceland for 4 days to see my ELVIS quilt that is not only be hung there but also entered into the Elvis Week competition. I will of course let you all know how that turns out. I have never been to Memphis so I hope to have a fabulous time with my Mother In Law and take a ton of pictures to share with you. I also think I might have a new look for me as I have a hair appointment soon and am thinking very seriously of cutting off all my hair and possibley going BLONDE once again. It has been a long time since I have worn the golden locks and I have NEVER had my hair super short but with my schedule currently I think it would be a good choice... sexy and easy also. Sharon Stone can do it and so does Elen so why not me? A little nervous but hay... it's just hair, it will grow back.

Okay, so that is my big BLOG entry with no images as yet but they're coming and when they do... it is going to be great! Not too long now, hang in there!

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