Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi Everyone. As you may remember I am heading to Graceland in two weeks time to see my ELVIS quilt that is being hung there for the Elvis Week Competition. My Mother in Law and I will be attending together and so for fun, seeing as how we are both big ELVIS fans I made us some large tote bags to shop while there. They are made of great quilting fabric available on line through several different sellers. They also both have Swarkofski crystals and hand embroidery. One is based on Jain House Rock (mother in laws) and one is Blue Hawaii (mine). They were very fun to make and I used a pattern by a fabulous company called Art to Heart and the pattern I used was from the LOVE IS collection. It is a HUGE tote and an excellent pattern that is fairly easy and if experienced in sewing pretty easy to alter to suit your needs as well. I hope you enjoy a little peek at the new totes! Here is there link ART TO HEART

bye for now... I will be posting again later with some bear hospital photos and information!

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