Thursday, June 24, 2010

Market Day ~ a new lifestyle ~ 1940's style

After watching the 1940's House, twice, my husband and I have decided to make some changes to our current lifestyle. We decided to try to purchase our groceries from the local farmers. We have three days a week where the local farmers meet at our central market square and today was the first day to try to implement the beginning of these changes.

It looks like I will be able to purchase veggies, preserves, vinegars and even spices. I will be able to get meat there also but no fish. We purchased eggs but no chicken and no cheese or milk. There is a local dairy here and we are planning a trip there this week to see what we can get our hands on. As some of you know we already made homemade ice cream this year so I need to find some milk! Hahahahaha

My back is still not in the best of shape and I now have an MRI appointment to see if we can find out what the issue is. Due to this I have managed to put on a bit of weight (about 10 pounds) as I am unable to workout as I normally do. I feel this new way of shopping for food will also help us to implement better eating habits. If we have to bake muffins ourselves we will most likely have them less often... you get my meaning.

So Here is what we purchased today:

Fresh farm free range eggs! One was broken when I got home... booo! I will have to be more careful on my next outing. These cost $3.00

The tomatoes seemed to be the most pricey at $4.00 for three! Although they are on the large side. The Red potatoes are lovely however a big shock to me when I washed them. I was scrubbing them with my veggitable brush as I normally do and all the skin started to come off. They are so delicate and have nothing added to make the skin tough... new to me! They were $4.00.

The zucchini is fabulous and cost $.50 a piece (we purchased two)! I LOVE zucchini as does my husband so what a bargain that was! They are also HUGE compared to what we have been purchasing at the local grocery. Then green onions are also huge and cost $1.50

$2.00 for Asparagus, again much larger then we are used to seeing. I steamed these right away and I have to tell you they are delicious ~ far more flavourful than the grocery ones!

Now I am a big salad girl and this lettuce was nicely packaged, already taken apart and a nice mix of different lettuces in one bag. $1.50 for this fabulous selection.

So a total of  $17.00

Now I will have to keep track next time of the prices just to be sure of what I am spending but this seems to be much more food for much less money than we are use to paying. Not to mention that we are eating locally which is suppose to be much better for you.

We also purchased two thick pork chops for grilling but they are still frozen and not so appealing looking as far as a photo goes..hahahaha. They cost $4.00 for the two of them. The Butcher seems to carry a great selection so I will keep you posted as to what's great and not so great!

For some strange reason I am more conscious of what I am doing with the food I purchased today. I washed everything (my Mum would be so proud) I even washed the eggs! I feel almost protective of my purchases, drying them gently and letting them dry naturally in the kitchen windows late day sunlight. I also feel much more aware of what I am getting for my money. I honestly normally just grab stuff off the shelf and don't even look at the price. Its rather exciting.

We also started a nice herb garden this year and have been able to use our own seasonings.

Now the next thing to implement back into the routine is walking to the market and to work and not using the car as often. This one is a bit more difficult to get started... I can do it!

It will be interesting to see if anything happens with my health, weight and just general well being... We really are a wasteful society in todays day as things are so accessible. We forget sometimes what it is like not to have. Being the 1940's girl I thought I should try to do my part to live like a 1940's girl and this is a good start!


  1. I hope you are well enough and have ANY time left to make your lovely Bears!!!!

  2. I love this. Food does taste so much better when it is locally grown. I would also love to go back to a simpler life. I will be curious to see how this all progresses for you.

  3. Great pictures...and good for you! My husband and I talked of trying the 100 mile diet, but the possibility of a long winter with no fresh salad or fuit quickly dimmed our enthusiasm. LOL We seriously do try to buy local. This time of year is lovely, with the fresh strawbwerries and the pea pods that get opened as soon as we hit the car. Very few make it to the cooking pot!

    I thought you'd also be interested to see the Teddy Bears Picnic I've posted for the Mad Tea Party. It was a lot of fun to put together. I'll check back tomorrow for your party...


  4. I will keep you all posted on the progression of the food situation and wheather or not I get my buttin gear and start walking to work!

    And to Wendy: My bears are my passion and I always have time for them. They are a comfort and a nice distraction from pain when I have it. There is always a portion of the bear making that can be done even if I cannot sit at the machine. Not to worry!

  5. Uh-oh! I think I can become inspired by your journey back to a simpler time. Looking forward to reading how this progresses.