Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for the visits

Hello Everyone:

I just wanted to thank all the visitors I have had over the last week or two. It has been wonderful receiving all your comments and even more fun visiting all of your blogs and leaving some words of my own.

We have had a computer disaster so are now going to visit a lady in town to possibly have one built for us. Seems funny to me to have a computer built for you but apparently she will build it special just to suit your needs.

I have removed the music from my blog for a while as I am in a quiet mood lately. I think I like the idea of the music at times but mostly I find myself putting it on pause. If I am doing that I can only imagine how many others are doing the same thing also. I think when I am listening to music... I will simply let you know in words what that might be. Currently I am listening to Breakfast Television ~ the distress of the city of Toronto after the most expensive G20 sumit in history.

There won't be any photos until I get my new computer but I can still post off my laptop for the mean time.

I got a lot done yesterday with my quilting! I am finally able to work on the quilt I am making for my Grandmothers 90th birthday. I was so happy to get some more work done on that as it has been a long time with my back bothering me. I have been doing crunches and stretching to help strengthen my core again and hopefully that is partially what is helping.I have also got some bear work in and have some really sweet bears coming up soon! I almost got my FREE GIVEAWAY bear completed this weekend! I will be offering a bear friend for my giveaway through Bears and Buds Magazine in August or September so you will have to wait a little while longer to see what this little angel looks like.

It will soon be time to VOTE for your favorite bear/ doll and I will post the links so you can do so if you have a few short minutes. There are so many talented artists and I just know it will be a fun few minutes for you while you vote. It will be time filled with giggles and a lot of "Aahhhhs" floating through the air.

Update on the 100 mile eating plan: So far the porkcops we purchased at the market were fabulous and we are still working through all the veggies. I actually think I might buy less on my next visit and instead go to the market more often. I am trying to get through everything without having to throw anything away.

Well that's it for now... Have a wonderful week everyone.

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  1. Oh I hope that your computer woes will soon be behind you. I adored your Alice party below.

    Thank you so very much for your kind words and support.