Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anniversary Dreams and the Prince Charming

Well, yesterday was my 5th year anniversary. My J and I have been together and inseperable for 10 years but  "officially" five years. About two weeks ago he gave me a beautiful key necklace to wear. He said it was the key to his heart and that now I could be just like my bears with the little key on my neck. He also mentioned that this was my anniversary gift but he could not wait to give it to me. I was absolutely thrilled to have it early and am wearing it often.

Now yesterday was the actual date for our anniversary and we both came to work empty handed. I am taking him on a trip to a theme park so he knows this already. His mother showed up with gift and card to say happy anniversary to us. We both say to each other..."oh? Is it today?" And everyone laughs, hugs and kisses. All is well as we both know that we both remembered earlier so nothing was forgotten, nothing has gone amiss.

About an hour or so later I go into the back room where we do all the filtering and stabalizing of the wine and J asks me to get him his list out of his briefcase (we are big list people) as he just remembered something new he needs to add. I open the case and there is a card for me! Yipppeeee! I thought it so sweet that I would still receive this card on the day. As I pick up the card I notice a little box from Ben Moss! I take the box out of the briefcase and all the while saying "no, no, no... you already got me the key to your heart!" "Okay" he says..."I'll take it back." hahahahaha

I open up my sweet card and then onto the box... I have to tell you, J is a heart guy. He loves hearts. The first thing he ever purchased for me when we were courting was an interlocking silver heart bracelet. I still love and wear it often. So back to the box... I slowly open my "earings" only to find the prettiest heart shaped diamond ring I think I have ever seen. Knowing how much I love chocolate (I am sure I have mentioned this on my blog before) there are also three choclate diamonds in the centre of the heart! It is so pretty and I feel like a real princess. This man makes me feel so loved and want to let the world know that I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Of course I had a secret hidden up my sleeve also. We arrived home from work only for him to go out to do some further business as he is a graffic designer on the side. While he is gone I am getting my dress on, my key and new ring. I do my hair and makeup and sit at the computer, mid summer with a snuggie blanket wrapped around me so he cannot see what I am wearing when he arrives back home. I am watching the time as I have made dinner reservations at the best restaraunt in town. When he arrives back he comes into the computer room as usual and tells me of the trials of this job he has to do. I say "Well, that is all well and we will have more time to talk later..." throw off my snuggie and he says (with a scream) "Where are you going? Why are YOU all dressed up". I laugh and say we have dinner reservations at Earl and Angelo's in about 15 minutes. I can see the steak flashing before his eyes as he runs out of the room to get his jacket!

What an absolutely wonderful evening we had.

I have not had a drink in over 5 years. Not because of anything related to alcohol but I was ill for three... long story ... I felt dizzy so I did not drink. Last night I made it through 3/4 of a martini and it was fabulous! THE BIG APPLE was the name and Yum Yum!

Oh and did I mention that I am tracking my weight right now... hahahahah well that's okay. Now it's off to see my Mum for the weekend and see Paul McCartney live in concert! I'll tell you all about it when I get back!

To my J.... I love you more today than yesterday and less than I will tomorrow!


  1. Yay...wha a sweet and fabulous post..congrats! What a wonderful journey life is..thanks for sharing your special moments!
    Hooray for the martini...cheers!

  2. What a lovely anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS!