Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's getting close now! Place your last vote!

Hello Everyone:

The time is drawing to an end for the voting. We only have till September 10th to get our votes in and then we will find out in October what placement we have each received! So here are the links once again so you can place your vote for your VERY FAVOURITE bear to win BEST IN SHOW!

It's hard to believe that it's almost fall already but I can tell you that the production this summer at Seraphim Bears Studio has been fabulous! I am wrapping up all the loose ends now for the bear hug created for the Teddy Bears On Vacation show this November and am on to the christmas online show that I will be hosting. I am really excited to be able to have a few bears ready for on line adoption for those of you who will be unable to travel to Canada for the show.

I am also now starting to get things ready for Christmas gifts for my family. I am usually way further ahead than this when it comes to those things but with the bear show I have not even begun my family items. I have some lovely ideas however and will post the photos directly after the holidays as I know that some of my family is looking on this blog to see if they can get a sneek peek prior to the Santa's visit! You Naughty little pixes!

Anyway, time to run now and get to work but here are all the links once again to PLACE YOUR VOTE!

Thank you to all my voters! WE PLACED!!!!!!

Here is the YouTube video link so you can see all the bears that have placed in thier categories. NOW ITS TIME TO PLACE YOUR VOTE FOR YOUR BEST IN SHOW ALL ROUND FAVORITE BEAR!

Your choice Seraphim bear is STEVIE

If you like STEVIE best of all the entries just click her button and place your vote! You have till SEPTEMBER 10th to make your final vote and help STEVIE become the Bell of the Ball!

Here's the link to Bears and Buds Magazine

This link will take you to the table of contents page.
Scan down until you see the URSA AWARDS symbol
It says:

Just click that
Click "Let the voting begin"
 and you will be on the finalist page.

Go to the bottom and see the symbol again beside it click "VOTE NOW - for your favorite ONE bear of all the finalists"

WE know we won something : either 1st place, second place, or third place and want to thank EVERYONE for your support and love.

So .... if you LOVE STEVIE... you can help make her the URSA MAJOR queen

all it takes is a click of the button!

BIG BIG HUGS from STEVIE and Myself! You have warmed our hearts
 and in the words of Sally Fields

"You like us! You really like us!"

And we want to send our love back to all of you!
Thank you


  1. oooh your bears soooo adorable! love your style very much! maybe you want visit us too?
    best wishes and big bear hugs! ;0)

  2. Thank you Alba! I love your blog also and very much look forward to getting to know you and your bears.

  3. hi there my sweet blogfriend ;0)
    i added the translator on my blog, yesterday so you can read on it.
    best wishes and big bear hugs! (and thanks soooo much for the "idea" of the translator!!)

  4. michelle!
    i didn't realize you had a blog also- now i can follow you too! stevie is the best bear HANDS DOWN! she's got my vote!

  5. michelle!
    just heard about the toronto show in november! congrats!