Saturday, November 6, 2010

A NEW bear to share... Finally!

I think it is time to share a bear with you... don't you... gosh it's been a really long time since I could as I really needed to keep these bears a secret till now.

As you know the Teddy Bears On Vacation show is right around the corner and I managed to make a total of 20 bear plus three that have been sent to Silly Bears in Scotland.

Whhheew, I am a bit pooped to be honest but I am really REALLY excited about the show and am already working on new patterns and bears for the Spring show in 2011 and FIVE more bears for Silly Bears.

So here we go...

I would like you all to meet: CLOUD!

She is made of wool and is heavily weighted and the most angelic of the line up for the show. She is 13" tall and is slightly under stuffed to give her a nice slouch when she is seated. She has a silk ribbon around her neck, vintage key and a rusty bell.


  1. shes sooo beautyfull! love the way shes holding here had...*hihi* sweety!"

  2. Oh I love her! Every time I see a white Teddy I melt. Beautiful work!!