Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wonderland I love and Live In

Hello everyone:

Today I came across a blog in which the artist said she promised to only focus on her art there and nothing personal. That sent me down the rabbit hole for a while trying to decided weather I should make a different blog to post my un-bear related things. I already have a quilt blog that I hardly ever get to as I don't have much time to quilt these days but I do have a few followers there and I do try to leave that as strictly quilting. So I then wondered if this blog should just be bears and nothing else.

The answer finally came to me that this is my wonderland and I love to spend time here sharing with you all my positive happy life as a whole. If I had a bear blog that was like my quilt blog I fear you would not hear anything from me for long spurts and what fun is that?

My life is filled with the love of bears but my bears come from deep inside of ME and I have a LIFE that influences my creation of bears, quilts and what ever else my fingers come across. I hope you enjoy my tangents and understand and see that you are all a huge part of my LIFE and in that my creativity and my BEARS!

You sometimes influence a bear with a comment or simply with YOUR name. Did you know I have an entire drawer filled with papers that have names scribbled on them.

What about YOUR blog posts... those are very influential for me. Some days I just don't feel creative and then I pop over to one of YOUR blogs and see the most wonderful colours, fabrics, collections of antiques, family vacations etc and my creative juices start to flow. I am happy that you have personal things in your blogs.

So now onto some more bears and other things:

Who should I share today? I think I will share.... Cotton Candy!

This little pug is 6" tall and is two toned in pink and blue (just like the original cotton candy). He has a ruffle collar and wears a felted cotton candy around his neck created by Gigiminor at Pinks and Needles. She makes the most beautiful pins and decorative desserts.

This little pug has a nice weighted feel and will be available this Christmas either at the November show or online!

Speaking of Wonderland.... I finally got started on my room spray collection based on Alice In Wonderland.
You all know I love that and that I created a line this Halloween based on Practical Magic! I have been having great success with them and as always this is a Hugely busy time for my sprays with Christmas right around the corner. So here are the four I have so far which are now available on ETSY! Shipping is now included in the price to anywhere in the USA or Canada.

I also would like to share with you a photo or two of my Mum at her latest get together.
This was a luncheon that was Lucile Ball based and my Mum is in the Chocolate Factory pink outfit! What a rockin outfit and she WON with this costume! Yippppeee! Good for you Mum! YOU look fabulous!

I just have to borrow this outfit one day!


  1. Beautiful post..lovely photos..such fun and spirit,yay!..and super gorgeous and beautiful creations you make as always..just gorgeous! Keep shining..and yes express your blog exactly as you wish..thats what makes it unique.
    Thanks for sharing your magic and talent!

  2. I really believe that people read our blogs because they want to know more about us. If they are only interested in our work they will just go to our website.

    I have come across a few blogs that went to focusing on nothing but work, and I noticed I have stopped reading them.

    A smart man once said Twitter is like a party, your blog is like your home, and your website is your place of business. I took that to heart.

    Hugs, Kelly

  3. yay kay! and guess what! i was lucille ball last year- i'll have to send you and your mom a pic.

  4. I love the cotton candy-how adorable!!!