Monday, July 9, 2012

Hidden Gem - A local show

Yesterday I found a little gem of a show right here in my town. Here is a little something about me that many of you do not know... I don't read the newspaper. I am very sensitive and like to have my news censored so I have my people (LOL, my husband and mother in law) who do read the paper daily, and they tell me anything they think I might need to know. I do watch the big city news on TV but only the morning news which is much tamer! It has helped with stress in my life tremendously.
Back to the gem: There was a doll and teddy bear show right here in my town yesterday and even better it was just minutes away from home!

Here are some of the fabulous finds that I saw there:

While there I found just the right thing for my bear Maybelline to give her the finishing touch. She now wears a beautiful, authentic 1930's style wool swing coat which suits her to a tea. As you can see she is ready to head off to the factory to help her men at war.

The new bears still have the same traditional style but I have changed the way they are shaded and used much smaller eyes.

After finding Maybelline's new coat I came home, dressed her and went back to the show to share her with the lady I purchased the coat from. She was a big hit at the show and met many people. She is now reserved for a very special buyer... the lady who sold me the coat! They fell in love and looked so happy together. How fabulous! When Maybelline makes her journey to her home I will be sure to get photos for you all to see. We have been invited for tea to browse through her antique clothing and fit some more bears with fabulous outfits! As it turns out Joyce lives only minutes away from my Mum so I will be delivering Maybelline in person. Joyce is a beautiful lady and I am very excited to join her in her home and get to know each other better.

Here I am with Maybelline on our way back to the show. I will post more photos of Maybelline soon ... after our photo session.


  1. Hi Michele,

    That show looks like it was an afternoon of fun. It's a real bonus to discover something close to home you can enjoy.

    I like your new teddy look and am not surprised she's already found a home. It was a beautiful coat that you found. I'll bet you'll find lots of other treasures when you get to see the other goodies.

    Have fun. Happy hunting.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you new look.


  2. What a special story. she was meant to live with that lady.

  3. An unexpected adoption - how lovely for you ! Maybelline does look stunning in her new coat.
    Hugs from Kayzy