Monday, July 9, 2012

TIME TO VOTE for the URSA 2012

Time to vote for the URSA awards 2012 ROUND ONE: VOTE NOW TILL JULY 29th
Final voting begins August 11th to September 7th

Seraphim Bears has three entries this year in the 2012 URSA awards and we  need your votes to help us along in this competition.

The first entry is in category # 3- Medium Bare Bears. Her name is Saxifrage

The second is in category # 5 - Large Bare Bears. Her name is Sweet Juliet (alternatively named Sera-Fina)

The last is in category # 19 - It's All the Same - Bunny and his name is Little Lord Velvedere

Here are the RULES:

You can only place one vote per category. Please follow this rule and we will keep this competition honest!


Follow this link: URSA 2012 Awards Competition

Once on the page view your choices
Find the bear you like
Go to the very bottom of the page and click on the word VOTE

This will take you to a new page where you can click on the bear you wish to vote for.

Go to the bottom of that page and click the word VOTE! That will place your actual vote for your choice in that category.

*** If you get a notice that says you have already voted and you have NOT voted in that category, you will need to clear or delete all the cookies from your computer. Then try to vote in that category again!***

Once you have placed your vote in the category, go back with your back button and click the big arrow at the bottom of the page that will take you to the next category in the competition!

Follow all these steps again until you have reached the end of the competition.

THERE IS NO CATEGORY # 13... wouldn't want to cause any bad luck!

Thank you all for participation in this competition. We couldn't do it without you, nor would we want to! You're what makes this all fun... this contest is for you so have fun while you enter another year of the URSA awards!

Winners will be announced on OCTOBER 1st 2012



  1. How lovely to see all lovely beautiful bears!

  2. Чудесные мишки, такие яркие чудесные образы, я проголосовала :)

  3. I love them all Michelle! I sent an email inquiring about Sweet Juliet! I voted for all for the URSA awards. Good luck. Ani

  4. That's great news Ani. Please let me know if you are the lucky person to adopt Sweet Juliet! She is absolutely beautiful in bearson. The pictures don`t do her justice! Thanks EVERYONE for your comments and votes!

  5. Good luck to you too Michele, I have voted, and what a beaut selection of bears and critters to drool over! At least we were not in the same sections because yours are sooooo clever!
    HUGS Wendy xxxx

  6. Thank you Wendy! I have left a message on your blog... I too am happy we are not competing against each other as your bears are also beautiful and so imaginative! Good Luck to you and your bears also!