Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Everyone:

Well, the first poll is closed and it has been established that 69% of you enjoy my Traditional Bears and 31% enjoy the Melancholy bears! Thank you for all your input and voting! So the Final decision based on your votes is that the FREE GIVEAWAY BEAR will be made in the traditional style!

Onto phase number two!

Please take a minute to vote for the next TWO polls listed. You will have till the end of September to give me your answers and I will base the GIVEAWAY Seraphim Bear on the results from these polls.

In the side bar at the top you will see the two polls. You need to tell me if you want a boy bear or a girl bear and whether or not you want the bear to be In the Fur or In Clothes!

Your names will AGAIN be added to the cauldron so you will have a chance to win another TWO times! I will make a post picture tonight so you can post up on your blog or Facebook about my Free Giveaway and you will get yet ANOTHER chance to win the final bear!

I was away this weekend shopping with a very special friend. She carries vintage and antique clothing for dolls and I went to do a fitting for my bears. I cannot wait to show you the clothes one day. The bears looks stunning in the new coats and dresses but I know I am a couple days behind on placing up the new poll.

Come back tomorrow to see your grab button for the giveaway and GOOD LUCK everyone!


  1. The lace and fabric you saw sounds wonderful.

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